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How instant messaging apps can change your life: the good and the bad

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Instant messaging apps have become a critical means of communication for people all over the world. With more than one billion active monthly users, these apps are quickly transforming the way we communicate with each other.

But there’s more to them than just making it easier to talk to your friends. These instant messaging apps can change your life in different ways. Some of us may need help at work, get lost on our way home, or find ourselves struggling to survive in an unknown city. Today, we’re going to explore how exactly these apps can change your life for the better or worse.

What are instant messaging apps?

Instant messaging apps are a form of software that allows people to communicate with each other in real-time. They allow you to text, video chat and call your friends, family, and clients from one platform.

What are the most famous instant messaging apps?

There are many instant messaging apps, but the most famous ones are Telegram, Signal, and of course, WhatsApp.

  • Telegram was created in 2013 by Pavel Durov, the founder of the social network VK. This app is well known for its amazing features and the fact that it’s quite used by many important people and businesses makes it even better and more trustworthy. It currently has 600 million active users, being one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.
  • The signal is free software that counts 40 million monthly active users and has lately had unbelievable growth in different parts of the world. It is an open-source software used for voice and video calling, as well as an instant messaging service. Signal also allows people from some countries to use it as a crypto wallet, where they can store, receive and make payments while being on the app.
  • WhatsApp is a mobile app that lets people send messages, photos, videos, and voice clips to others by using their phone’s internet connection. It was first released in 2010 and now has over 1.2 billion monthly active users around the world. You can download it for Android phones from Google Play or for iPhone from Apple’s App Store.

Positive aspects of instant messaging apps

Instant messaging apps have made it much easier for people to reach out to one another. In the past, if you wanted to talk to someone and they weren’t around, you usually had to wait until they came back. But now, with these apps, you can just send them a message and they’ll get it instantly.

If you’re working from home and want to take a break, but don’t want to miss anything important happening at work, instant messaging apps make it easy for you. There are many different ways for you to stay connected with your office while still being able to enjoy some time off. You’ll get alerted when there’s something important happening so that you won’t miss anything going on in your company.

Negative aspects of instant messaging apps

The list of negative aspects of these apps is long, and can include the following:

  • Some messages are often poorly interrupted.
  • People might not get a message that they sent you because they might not have an internet connection or even a signal.
  • It may become difficult to stay in touch with family and friends due to time zone differences.
  • There could be an increased risk of identity theft in case someone stills your phone and uses all of your instant messaging apps. Though they are easy to set up and use, there is always a risk of someone else using your identity to send messages and make phone calls. There is also the risk of these conversations being saved without your knowledge.

However, there are some more positive aspects to instant messaging apps. They can provide a lot of convenience for your life and make things easier for you. For example, it’s easy to talk with someone who isn’t in the same room as you or has their earphones plugged in without disturbing them. You are able to receive messages from people when you’re busy, or when you can’t pick up your phone. The downside? You may find yourself checking your phone every 2 seconds because of notifications from these apps!

How can instant messaging apps compromise your privacy?

Many people like to use these apps to chat with their friends or families, but they don’t realize that these apps are tracking your every move. One company, WhatsApp, has been able to track the location of its users by analyzing their phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular data for over a year. That means the company knew where you’ve been and when you were there – all without even telling you. And this is just one example of how these apps can compromise your privacy. If you wish to use them without putting yourself at risk, then create all of your accounts with virtual numbers.

What are virtual numbers?

One of the most convenient ways to use an instant messaging app is with a virtual number, which is more than just a phone number since it can be used for whatever you need it for making or receiving calls, sending messages, or even verifying online platforms. Your virtual number can be used in any region with no limitations

Virtual telephony is anonymous and untraceable, which makes it easier – and safer – to start using whatever instant messaging app you want. You don’t have to constantly worry about forgetting your phone or carrying around multiple devices anymore, just find a good provider like Major Phones.

Virtual numbers are a great way to stay in touch with people without giving away your personal information, which ensures you the option of keeping your actual phone number private.


There are many pros and cons to instant messaging apps, which is why it is always good to know both sides of the coin before start using them.

However, the convenience of instant messaging apps cannot be denied: these apps are easy to use, inexpensive – many of them even cheap – and able to be accessed from any device. If you are looking for a quick, convenient way to communicate with others, then it may be worth exploring an instant messaging app through a virtual number.

Start feeling more secure when using your favorite chat applications. Get to know them now!