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How To Change JioFi Password Via MyJio App?

Change JioFi Password Via MyJio App

How to change JioFi password via MyJio App easily in this post we learn. JioFi is a broadband router owned by Jio. It is a portable type router. Users are allowed to use this portable router in which Jio SIM is used. Users can reach 4G hotspots that can be connected with smartphones, tablets, and other things. We can get Jio routers in different types, different sizes, and so on. People can change the JioFi password through many processes like using links, websites, apps, etc. We can change the hotspot password also. As a single JioFi portable router is not able enough for use with different users at the same time, it may not be secured enough. So if a user wants to change the password of JioFi they have to follow the steps given below.

Steps To Change JioFi password (via JIofi.local.html)

  • For changing the JioFi router’s password, the user has to connect their device with the Jiofi hotspot at first.
  • Then people have to follow this step that helps to open the connected device’s Web browser. There, the user should give this link jiofi.local.html in the URL bar.
  • When people open the website they need to click on the Login option, which is given in the top right corner.
  • People should follow this by entering credentials by giving the secret username as administrator and also the password as administrator and then they need to tap on the login button. After following this person need to click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration > Secure key…..
  • We can also change the JioFi password by using the MyJio app.

JioFi password changing method (via My Jio application)

JioFi password changing method (via My Jio app):

There is also another process like via website. For changing the JioFi password via this app, the users need to follow the given process underneath.

  • The user at first has to connect the JioFi router and they need to open the MyJio app on their mobiles.
  • Then the users need to tap on the My Device option which is present at the bottom of the screen.
  • From there, they can see the setting icon at the top-right corner. Click on setting and thereafter select the option “Change Password” that is mentioned below the SSID.
  • Thereafter the users can provide a new password and select the option “Submit.”

If any user wants to change the JioFi password on mobile then he or she can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to change JioFi password

  • At first, people need to open their Preferred Browser as they want and then need to visit this site http://jiofi.local.html.
  • By chance, this provided link didn’t work, then the users can enter the following IP address into the browser address bar IP
  • This is the JioFi password changing site.
  • Then they have to tap on the Login Button as a present over there and after that, they need to enter their username and password to log in.
  • Then they can go to the Settings option -> Then click on WiFi -> Then go to the Password to change the default password.
  • They need to log in after that and then they need to give the username and password as they want
  • After that, they need to log in again. Then open the Settings option -> To change the admin password which used to login into JioFi device settings, tap on the User Management option.

This the process you need to follow to change the JioFi password on mobile. By using Hotspot users can also change the JioFi password. 

JioFi Password Changing Process via Hotspot

People can use this process also. They can change their JioFi password by using the hotspot also. People sometimes use the hotspot of other devices by connecting the wifi of their own devices.

It is happening every time which we can see. So it is better to have a personal SSID and a strong password so that it is secured enough all time. So if someone wants to use this, they need to follow the steps given below:

Methods For Changing JioFi SSID And  Password

  • At first, people have to write down the JioFi’s WiFi network’s name which is provided to them or connected to their device, and also the password. After that, they can find that on the back of the packaged box, or we can say under the battery at the back of the device.
  • Then people need to connect their devices to the JioFi network. After that, they need to go to Wireless Settings on their device. Then they have to find the JioFi WiFi Network. After finishing that they need to enter the existing username and password and then they can change the username and password and they can give the new username and password as they wish to connect it.
  • After these, all processes people can access the URL http://jiofi.local.html or using a web browser. This link will take them to that website page or that site where they can easily use or they can manage the Jiofi settings.
  • For changing the JioFi password, the users need to click on the Network > Wi-Fi Configuration.
  • When people want to change the WiFi password they can tap on WiFi.
  • There the users will get some options about the WiFi security.
  • After that, they can tap on the Security Key option and provide a new password.

These are the processes or we can say steps for changing the JioFi password.