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Do you only need an internet connection to earn an income?

need an internet connection

In the present scenario, humans have become puppets in the hands of money. Isn’t it strange that the most powerful being on the planet is being played by a thing he made himself? Money has superpowers much like that of God. You can desire anything in the world, and if you have money, it can make that wish come true in mere seconds. I wish I had that kind of superpower or just enough money to buy it.

To garner all the riches in the world is a common goal to have. And why not? Money does bring in its fair share of benefits that never end. It can heighten your status in society, people start respecting you more, your opinions are valuable, and the best part is that you can do good for the people who do not have enough means. Apart from this, if you have enough wealth, you can get the chance to dine with the Queen, and who wouldn’t want that?

To get a more realistic picture of what I am saying, look at all the rich people in the world; the status, respect, and honor they have are unfound in the common folk. Do you know any commoner who was invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? I am sure not.

By now, you must have understood that having money is pivotal to have your footing in society. So, soon coming to the plan of this blog, how does one acquire wealth? Who helps them? What is all required to get the money? Like the title says, the first thing is the need an internet connection. Let us find out how?


Ever since the creation of the internet in the 1960s, then called APPRANET, it has changed drastically and become more accessible to people all over the world. When the Wi-Fi doesn’t work correctly, we feel as though our lives have halted. That is how important it has become today.

From school assignments to official reports to sharing your pictures on social media, everything is done through the internet. People don’t even venture out to pay their bills or shop anymore since everything can be done online.

The online trading business is humongous, and the income is generated in trillions of pounds. So, even if we are spending our money, someone is earning that amount. So why can’t we? Are there any options for the common man? Can the jobless, who are surviving on loans for the unemployed, look up to the internet to help them out of the situation?

I can proudly answer in the affirmative to all of these questions. The internet can not only help you get a job but also grow your existing wealth. It is not the internet per se that allows you, but the websites and platforms it has made available for us to use.


The internet provides the user with an incredible number of options for jobs. There are specialized websites dedicated to job hunts, and these will get you the links to job vacancies that are presently available and find you eligible. Pretty convenient.

However, if you want a well-paying but do not want to invest all day in it, or you want flexible timings that a 9 to 5 job won’t give, then my friend’s internet will come to your rescue again. Here are four extremely lucrative professions, and you can perform the assigned duties on your computer with an internet connection.


There are hundreds and thousands of people all over the world that need your guidance and support in learning. They are even willing to pay you more than the average wage to acquire your expertise. Amongst these, the language trainers are the most sought after.

UK, USA, Canada, and Australia are nations that students from all over the world want to come to study. Now not all countries have English as the first language, and since these countries wish the learner to know Basic English, they have a testing system. To pass this test, they need a teacher, and who better than a native speaker in Britain.


If you do not want to become a teacher, and want to tap into your writing prowess, then you should opt for blogging. A blogger is a person who loves to write about either a varying range of topics or just one. You can write about your life, your parents’ life, politics, fashion, health and fitness and if you are daring enough even on coronavirus.

As long as your writing can keep the reader engrossed to go through the entire blog, you can become successful. Different sites on the internet are always hiring, or you can go the independent route and start your blog. Again Google can help you set it up, thanks to the internet connection.


Next up is another creative profession; there are a bazillion YouTubers out in the world that have their channel as their primary source of income. Mitchell is only 21 years old, and he has his followers count in millions.

The higher your followers, the more sponsors you will get and, consequently more income. YouTube is the most lucrative freelancing business at present, but only if you have the creative flair for it and would love to interact with the viewers like they know you and you know them.


The last option is that of a data entry operator, for which you do not need any skill. This is probably the only job profile in the world that doesn’t require the applicant to be competent at anything but typing.

In this job, all you need to do is fill in whatever kind of forms the company would give you with the information provided by them again. So, you are entering the data. It is pretty dull, but comfortable as well. You get your income based upon the number of forms you have filled in a day, so no pressure as well, since the target is set by you.


I believe that instead of going for long term loans, we should opt for long term investments or even short term ones, they can be profitable as well. And the internet can help you get those profits quite quickly if you research thoroughly.

The internet is filled with even more opportunities. If you have the money and are looking to invest, the internet can help you. There are consultancy agencies for investment, and then there are agencies that will invest in you. It is up to you to choose.

In the end, I want to say that how you make money is your choice and it must be a wise one as long as it is not illegal. However, if the internet can help you to get your hands on more practical and fruitful options, then why not try it?