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Pros And Cons Of Installing An Antivirus On Your Personal Computer

Antivirus On Your Personal Computer

We all know that installing an antivirus is always a good decision. But have you ever heard of something called a bad antivirus? Yes, we are talking about the negative effects of having an antivirus.

We know it sounds odd! However, if you keep reading, you will be able to understand what we are talking about. Now, if you have just bought a system and heard the term ‘antivirus’ a lot from everyone, let us explain what antivirus is first.

An antivirus is a cybersecurity tool that will help you protect your PC from any malware activities. This is because there are hackers getting in front of the screen, always trying to breach your internal system and steal the data. So, as you can see, antivirus is a pretty important part of our PC. Then what about the drawbacks? We will come to that shortly.

Are You Looking For An Antivirus Program?

Well, if you are looking for an antivirus program for your new PC, we would suggest that you do not avail of any free service. Rather get an impressive antivirus software which you have to pay for.

For free! Yes, you saw that right. Now, you can download any software free of cost from this website.

Advantages Of Antivirus Software

Here are some of the pros for when you install antivirus software.

1. Protection While Surfing

Protecting your computer while browsing online is very important because you have people who are always waiting for you to make the wrong move.

Aka the cybercriminals!

Antivirus scanners will alert you of malware before you download something.

2. Protection From Hackers

Hackers are continuously staring at the screen, waiting to steal your IP address and immediately infiltrate your system.

Their only task is to steal all the sensitive data from the system. An Antivirus will catch this suspicious activity and alarm you.

3. Protection From Malware Infiltration

Now let’s say that you have already downloaded the software and are just waiting for it to launch.

Always scan it in your antivirus before you do that because the antivirus will be able to detect the presence of any malware or virus and prevent you from downloading this.

4. Threat Identification

So, you have already deleted the malware file. Are you sure every possible threat has been erased? This is when you need to scan your entire system in order to detect any residual threats and erase them immediately.

5. Spam Protection

Spam protection is security from the spam emails that you receive from hackers. They redirect you to sites in order to infiltrate your computer. An antivirus will detect these links immediately once you run them under a scanner. So, there you have it, some of the reasons why you will need an antivirus in your system.

Disadvantages Of Antivirus Software

Now, coming to the part you have been waiting for, here are some of the disadvantages of antivirus software.

1. Limited Detection

Even an antivirus won’t be able to provide you full protection, and they immediately start asking you to upgrade for that protection. These in-app purchases could be annoying.

2. Slowing The System

Antivirus is notoriously known for slowing the system because it always runs scans and detects threats. Even when you do not need it.

This is not exactly a con because they are doing their job. However, a slow computer is always irritating.

3. Annoying Advertisements

Yes, no matter how much premium you upgrade your antivirus, it will always have something called annoying ads. These are advertisements for more premium upgrades.

4. Taking Up Data In The Background

They are always running in the background, thus taking up internet data like anything. The worst part is that you cannot close them because the tests they run are very important for the computer’s safety.

Choose Wisely!

By now, you have probably realized that it is impossible to get rid of the cons if you want the pros. Thus, it is very important that you choose this software carefully. Read several reviews and have a thorough research before you download and install one. When you make the decision, you always have the pirate bay to get it for free.