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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud-based Print Management Software

Cloud-based Print Management Software

Printed documents are an inevitable part of business processes. So, wouldn’t it be cool if we could carry out remote printing? Well, this is now possible through cloud print management. As the name suggests, the cloud printing system does not require you to physically give instructions to the printer. All you need to do is synchronize the cloud system and you can print documents remotely too.

The best part about cloud-based management is that you can connect the printer to all your devices be it a PC, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. For cloud printing to work, it is required that your printer has an internet connection too. Moreover, some office printers also come with the option of secure printing. This means that they will provide a print only when the right password is entered.

Apart from those mentioned above, cloud printing also has several other benefits which in turn help you streamline your business processes. So, what other benefits does cloud-based printing offer? Let’s find out!

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Printing

When choosing a cloud-based printing server, make sure it fits your company’s printing needs. These can include automatic failover, print confirmation, label management, color control, load balancing, and intelligent context-based routing. Moreover, it is good that you compare the pricing of various cloud-managed printing applications and then choose what suits you best. But let’s first dig a little deeper into the advantages of cloud-based printing.

1. Use Of Software As A Service

Many companies now rely on SaaS to monitor their online processes. Therefore, with a software-as-a-service application, you will need a printer for remote printing. This is where cloud-based printing applications come to your rescue. After downloading documents from SaaS, they can be sent to the printer in the form of a pdf and a print can be obtained. Therefore, one needs not to give direct instructions to a printer but can print a document from the comfort of home or office too.

Hence, you can continue with SaaS for streamlined processes and won’t need to delay document printing for any kind of data.

2. Connect Several Printers

Electrical devices are bound to break down. So, if say you run a hospital and one of the printers stops working, how can you manage to print all the patient data? Here again, you can make use of cloud-based printing by connecting several printers. In this case, if one printer fails to deliver pints, you can route the documents to another printer and get them printed in no time.

As a result, there is no waste of time or resources and there will be no bottlenecks in running your business smoothly.  Moreover, you do not need the help of a SaaS representative to help you route documents to another printer as you can do this yourself with just a click.

3. A Flexible Printing Solution

Cloud printing is more than just an innovative way of managing your printing needs. You can connect several devices with your printer and then just give a printing command. Moreover, it also offers the option of secure printing. With this, the documents are printed only when a user passes the authentication. Hence, it is not like everyone can print a company’s confidential documents.

Another benefit of using cloud printing is that it reduces the burden on the IT department. With all the employees having the option of remote printing, the IT department can focus on other tasks. Moreover, there will be no queues at the printer as documents can be routed to some other printer if one is engaged.

4. Support Satellite Offices

Even if your company offices are spread around the globe, you can still share documents in no time with the use of cloud printing. In whichever part of the world the office is located, a single command is needed to print the documents in any other office. This way document sharing and accessibility become quite easy and hassle-free. Even if you are on vacation, you can still share documents with your company without having to worry about any delay.

5. Keep Printing History

With the use of cloud printing, you can have a record of all the printing commands given to the printer. This way, even if you need to print a document more than once, you do not need to resent it to the printer. Instead, you can just select the document from the history and reprint it in no time.

Final Verdict

Cloud-based printing is indeed a solution to all your printing needs. Apart from offering flexibility and ease of usage, it also saves both time and resources. Lastly, you can give printing commands from anywhere anytime and access the printing history too anytime. Therefore, once you synchronize company printers with all the devices, the printing jobs become just a piece of cake.