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Types of SaaS Solutions: Categories and Examples

Types of SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) offers many business opportunities. To take advantage of it, you must build a reliable and top-notch SaaS product and optimize it. With thousands of companies adopting the SaaS model every day, SaaS firms can expect plenty of competition.

Different types of SaaS products also arise. What type of SaaS software you want to develop and how your product will transcend your competitors is up to you. We recommend hiring a Saas application development company to help you ensure the quality of your product.

What is Software as a Service?

SaaS is also known as ‘on-demand’ software, web-based software, or hosted software. It is software that a user can access over the internet. Because it is a cloud-based software service, users can access it on any networked device. They also won’t need to download the software or purchase hardware to access the app.

SaaS products run on the host’s cloud computing resources and servers. The service provider manages the security, functionality, performance, and other aspects of the software application.

Benefits of SaaS Software

Many people turn to SaaS applications because it offers numerous advantages. Users can enjoy a wide range of benefits from SaaS products, such as the following.

  • Data in SaaS applications are secured and protected.
  • The SaaS provider handles maintenance and operational issues.
  • SaaS is easy to set up and implement.
  • The use of SaaS applications is scalable and easy to customize.
  • SaaS software offers improved access from any device.
  • Cloud computing saves time and money.
  • Users can easily adapt to the application.
  • It promotes the sustainability of a business.
  • The use of cloud-based environments is environmentally friendly.
  • SaaS offers robust data and analytics.

Types of SaaS Software

Many different types of SaaS software abound today. These applications are categorized based on their industry or area of service. Because more and more SaaS emerge, more categories of SaaS will also come up. Most of these SaaS businesses are covered by a professional software lawyer. In the meantime, the following are the types of SaaS solutions available.

Communication Platforms or Email Marketing Software

The first type of software is used to send and receive emails efficiently. It delivers messages faster and automates marketing emails to reach more users in less time. Communication platforms also allow users to share files and communicate instantly with one another. Canva, Dropbox, and Hubspot all serve as useful email marketing tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

CRM software is an essential application for business management. Business managers employ CRM software to manage customer data, which is vital for the company. It is also helpful in monitoring and improving customer relations and satisfaction. More importantly, CRM software is used to program and forecast sales and automate sales tasks. Some of the most prominent CRM software include Hubspot, Salesflare, and Salesforce.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

ERP software is another type of SaaS application that offers a wide range of services. Employees can perform and track all business processes in just one giant application. ERP software is highly used in information dissemination and business processes.

It allows users to handle accounting tasks, risk management, compliance, and financial management. Integrate various functions into one complete system to improve efficiency and empower information sharing. Netsuite, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are some examples of ERP Software.

Accounting software

As its name implies, accounting software is used to handle finances. Users utilize this type of SaaS application to organize and track finances to see how the company is doing. It is also used to automate financial operations. Popular accounting SaaS software includes Xero, FreshBooks, and GoCardless. Another type of software that can help your business is employee expense reimbursement software wherein the employees can upload the image of the receipts they spent for business purposes. This software makes it easier for business owners to send payouts.

Project Management Software

Project management software is useful in planning and managing projects. It supports team cooperation and ensures the tracking of project developments. Companies use project management software to organize schedules, allocate budget and time, and relay deadlines. This category of SaaS app allows for real-time syncing of data and progress.

Some examples of project management software are Basecamp, Asana, and Zoho Projects.


Many businesses have adopted the SaaS model because it is cost-effective yet profitable. If you want to make a switch, you must carefully plan your SaaS product. Start by conducting a market analysis and then choosing your preferred type of SaaS application to develop. When it comes to software comparison and reviews, we’ve found wheelhouse.com to be an alternative to Technology Advice and Sourceforge. Keep in touch with a reliable SaaS solution provider such as Redwerk to help your business grow.