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MissQGemini – Whatever Happened to Twitch Streamer


MissQGemini was incredibly well-known at one point, but that was before the uproar. Being accused of cheating in video games isn’t a crime, but it’s one of the worst things anyone might say about you on Twitch. She normally shielded herself, but the rumors seemed to be true by all accounts. What happened to her? We wanted to figure out what was making Decoration MissQGemini twitch, so we looked up at her, and the appropriate answer could surprise you.

What Happened In The First Place?

Swindling others is a bad thing to do. Several games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and GO, have had a lot of people because they were using swindles. Regardless, they remain unknown, unlike MissQGemini, who becomes a casual conversation when approached.

It happened when she began a Twitch livestream with a tirade about how she’d been accused of cheating because she’s a woman. She resumed playing after submitting a question about how this was jabbering in an impolite manner. She was seen stacking a profile in one of her reported streams, which immediately revealed various players on the opposite side of the dividers.

When she was streaming live and playing continuously, she became aware that others were also watching her. All may take advantage of the scheme she devises. To hide the problem, she begins to see if they have the same problem; she also mentions that her friend Rock has had it before and that she now has it as well.

After presenting this theory, she went on to condemn another companion, Clara, who had previously been barred from using swindles. Clara, she said, had been using her computer prior to that day.

She was dreaming up flimsy excuses, blaming her companions, and formulating theories. However, she was apprehended red-handed, as people were watching her every move. Every one of her stunts had been in vain, and she was also perplexed by this incident. She is unable to escape the situation.

She eventually finishes the game by closing down from her previous record. She was never seen again on the stream after this scene. Many people were talking about her, instructing her, and prodding her by referring to her as a con artist. She can’t stand being called a con artist by its name, which may be the reason for her forming.

So… Was she Banned?

She was subsequently VAC banned, according to ebaumsworld. You’d think Twitch would ban her as well, but it hasn’t happened as far as we can tell. MQG finally voluntarily closed her account after a huge backlash. She was never suspended from Twitch, according to a tweet. She did, however, deactivate that account, and her personal Twitter account is now private, with just around fifty followers. MissQGemini then vanished, only to reappearance under a new name less than a week later.


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The Djinnnn

Although there is some confusion, it seems that she was suspended for a day and then renamed her account, at least according to Reddit’s Twitch Fails site. That way, she’d be able to keep her subscribers and keep playing without having to worry about people searching for her under her old name. MissQGemini changed her name to The Djinnn for a while, which helped her escape the bad press. She kept playing, but unlike other active Twitchers who have faced criticism and kept streaming, Clara, MQG, or The Djinnnn didn’t cut. The account previously known as The Djinnnn has also been deactivated.


MissQGemini, aka Haley Germaine, isn’t easy to track down these days on the internet. In the aftermath of the scandal, she has almost vanished from Twitch. However, it seems that she hasn’t completely abandoned social media platforms. Haley has a channel on YouTube. She does have gaming videos up there, which is probably not a brilliant step. Unfortunately, Haley only has twenty-four subscribers, so it won’t be much of a source of revenue. She posted a video of herself playing just eleven months ago. Sadly, she won’t be able to redeem herself on YouTube either.

Maybe Apologize?

We know some high-powered people in business say you can never apologize, but that’s not how it works with social media followers. If she wishes to regain public favor, which we doubt she does, then maybe a sincere apology is in order. The MissQGemini story’s moral is that you can never steal.

If you do lie, make sure you don’t do so in front of other people. Also, if you cheat and are spotted on a live stream doing so, don’t make up a ridiculous tale after playing around with your cheats on. Most people will accept a sincere and heartfelt apology. And if you’ve screwed up so badly that you rant about how you don’t cheat right before you cheat live, saying you’re sorry and meaning it will go a long way.

Stranger & Sadder Still

Haley’s Twitch cheating isn’t her only issue, it seems. She even spread a rumor that she was dying of cancer a few years ago. Moh’Fuggah, a player, told his tale about engaging with Haley before she became popular on Twitch and then infamous as a cheater.


We’re pretty sure “Clara” didn’t force MissQGemini to cheat on purpose. Haley, it seems, needs more than her own social media celebrity. What happened to her? No one knows, but after all of her attention-getting stunts failed, Haley may have sought assistance. Addiction to negative attention is no different from any other addiction. It’s a serious issue that has the potential to destroy your life.

More significantly, it is curable. We hope MissQGemini’s absence is due to her avoiding the temptations that led her down the road that made her a hated name in gaming. In any case, we’d like to leave you with one last thought. Even cheaters are human beings. Haley made and paid for great errors. Wherever she’s, we hope that it’s better than where she began to look for attention emotionally, at least.