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Blizzard has unveiled a plan for the development of World of Warcraft for 2023 – gamers are waiting for six updates.


Blizzard has recently been delighting players with pleasant and unexpected news. The release of the long-awaited Dragonflight update inspired and entertained a huge number of players around the world. Dragonflight is a homecoming for the players as well. Players find themselves in that nostalgic house with a cozy sofa, a soft blanket, and hot coffee in their favorite mug. In the territories of the Dragon Isles, there is no sense of panic about the potential end of the world.

The first villainess, the powerful proto-drake Rashaget, dies in the first raid, not having time to annoy the dragons or us properly: she has her accounts for them, but the death of Azeroth is certainly not included in the plans. In the meantime, we’ve been free to enjoy our exploration because, in our new home, we don’t put out the fire; we just do the spring cleaning. This experience of the game came to many players to taste. However, unlike other add-ons, Dragonflight can still throw a difficult challenge to the player. And a team of professional Leprestore WoW boosters will always help you win any victory.

At the end of the year, Blizzard is again taking the stage with their new statement – in 2023, Dragonflight is waiting for 6 more content updates, which will be evenly distributed throughout the year. On the official site, World of Warcraft published an appeal from executive producer games Holly Langdale, in which she just shared with the players plans for Blizzard on content and novelties for additions to Dragonflight in the 2023 year.

According to Blizzard, 2 out of 6 updates will be large with new locations, raids, and seasonal classes. Between them will be released 4 small updates with various improvements.

The developers were pleased with how Dragonflight’s launch went, but an addition for WoW – it’s not one moment in time but the whole adventure. In addition, Legion remembered players regularly release new products. After some problems in the recent past in Dragonflight, authors are planning to repeat the same: to people always was how to do, peace developed and filled events, a on the horizon always loomed something brand new.

Let’s now take a closer look at Blizzard’s plan for 2023 and discuss each of these updates separately.


More recently, Blizzard has already announced the release of update 10.0.5 in early 2023. It will also be included in the plan of 6 updates for 2023. It is finally planning to fully implement the trading shop system, which will allow players to earn various cosmetic rewards according to their personal preferences. In addition, Blizzard plans to add the ability for players to use items with different appearances: bad (gray) and normal (white) for transmog. This update has been asking for a long time and now we will have such an opportunity. In addition, plans have been announced to add some new local content to the Future of the Elemental Warriors zone. However, Blizzard does not provide any comments and explanations on this point, which leaves players with only an occasion for reflection and all sorts of conjectures.


According to Blizzard, after updating 10.0.5, the release of content update 10.0.7 will immediately follow. However, this update is expected to be tested on test servers first, after which it will be delivered to the main branch. Nothing out of the ordinary here, this is a standard and widespread practice. If we go to the essence of the update, then we are waiting for a completely new story company of tasks, the actions of which will take place in the Forbidden Land. According to the developers, the draktirs will return to their place of captivity to find out where they came from and what awaits them in the future. However, they will not return alone but along with some unexpected guests. Sounds intriguing. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not announced who these unexpected guests will be. But it’s even more interesting. From the looks of it, this content will set the stage for future Dragonflight story updates, and the developers say that once it’s completed, players will have a clear idea of the next destination. In addition, Blizzard will prepare new quest lines for traditional orc and human armor for us, as well as slightly change holiday events.


This update is Dragonflight’s first major update for 2023. The developers aim to surprise the players and prepare something intriguing for them. However, unfortunately, information on the specific composition of the Blizzard update has yet to be provided. All that is known today is the addition of new locations and raids. The patch will also include a rotation of M + dungeons, innovations for professions, and some reworking of the interface. You can also expect a new PvP season as part of update 10.1. Even though the developers are in no hurry to tell the players all the details of their activities, we already have enough reason to assume that the update will be quite large-scale and interesting.


After the release of a large-scale update 10.1, the developers promise to please us with small updates to fill the development roadmap and stir up the interest of the players. One is patch 10.1.5. The developers have not covered the full composition of this update, but we can still tell. As part of this update, it is planned to add a large dungeon, introduce world events, and update holidays and content.


This update is also an interim update between 10.1 and 10.2. The release is scheduled for the second half of 2023. What exactly will appear in it is still a secret for us, however, it is already reliably known about plans to continue the plot, as well as new tasks, updating holidays, and content.


This patch is the second major expansion for Dragonflight. The release is scheduled for the second half of 2023. Now, Blizzard has not yet revealed all aspects of this update, but despite the veil of secrecy, there are still some things that can already be said for sure. Update 10.2 will bring a new location, raid, PvP season, updated M + dungeon rotation, and more.

So Dragonflight fans have a lot to rejoice in considering Blizzard’s latest announcements. The content plan for 2023 looks quite impressive, so we will not be bored.

According to the developers, they were satisfied with how players accepted Dragonflight and promised this is only the start. And we have every reason to believe it. And we, together with a team of professional Leprestore WoW boosters, will keep you up to date with the most current events and help you with any difficulties in World World of Warcraft. See you later!

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