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The Newest Health Features and Medications Monitoring on Apple Watches

Medications Monitoring on Apple Watches

Apple Watches are man’s best friend these days with their amazing medical features. The latest software upgrade of the Apple Watch is the WatchOS 9 which has a heartbeat tracking tool for people with atrial fibrillation (AFib), a medications management app, and better sleep monitoring. It is so far the highest commitment to expanding fitness and health uses of the Apple Watch.

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The best Apple Watch bands and watches are known for their patient-centered health monitoring and sleep tracking features. In this article, we have brought to you some medical features of the best Apple Watch bands and watches. Read on to know more about the amazing AFib history, sleep tracking, and other features!

Health Features of WatchOS 9

1.  Medication Tracking

Dealing with multiple medical conditions and medications? Apple WatchOS 9 attempts to make it easier for you to remember to take your medications, supplements, and/or vitamins on time.

A study estimated that between 44% to 76% of chronic patients failed to take medications as prescribed even though some other research work showed lower rates of medical non-adherence. The hike in drug costs also makes people skip or cut pills in half to stretch their supply. The medication tracking feature on Apple Watches will help in keeping medicated people on track with their doses. The major reasoning behind non-adherence is people forgetting to take their pills.

Research shows that people who depend on their smartphone notifications to remind them to take their pills on the schedule do better although this habit’s long-term effects are not clear yet. An electronic smart device can help you remember things regularly but you need to have your device with you all the time.

Thus, short-term use of technology will help you to develop a self-sustaining habit that relies on your regular environment. If you tie your medication routine to your morning or evening schedule, you will be able to follow them on schedule. Reminders on the best Apple Watch bands or watches are just to help you achieve that sustainability.

Apart from helping you in setting up medication reminders and schedules, WatchOS 9 also flags potential drug interactions. Your pharmacy will catch this too but the Apple Watch adds another layer of safety.

2.  AFib History

Another ambitious health monitoring feature on the WatchOS 9 is the AFib history that tracks how often your heart is atrial fibrillation (AFib). This is the most common type of irregular heart rhythm that happens when the lower and upper heart chambers are not in sync.

When you turn on AFib History on your Apple Watch, it will use its heart rate monitoring feature to estimate atrial fibrillations. You can even download a summary of these data as a PDF. This milestone feature on the best Apple Watch bands and watches has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration with the iPhone Health app and Apple Watch. This data can also be used to detect left ventricular dysfunction, according to a recent study by Mayo Clinic.

3.  Sleep Monitoring

Apple has brought improvements on its best Apple Watch bands and watches with added sleep analysis capabilities “Sleep Stages”. WatchOS 9 uses signals from its heart rate sensor and accelerometer to track your REM, deep, and core sleep stages. You can sync this data with the iPhone Health app and generate charts of your sleep along with your respiratory and heart rate.

The Bottom Line: Other Features of WatchOS 9

In addition to these jaw-dropping medical features on the best Apple Watch bands and watches, WatchOS 9 statistics stand out by helping athletes track their performance and redirect potential injuries including splits, segments, power, and stride length. The update on the watch offers:

  • Redesigned apps
  • Less distracting notifications
  • New keyboard languages


1. Which Apple Watch strap is most comfortable?

Apple Solo Loop (Marigold) is the most comfortable Apple Watch band. It is a single piece of butter-soft liquid silicone rubber that fits very well on all types of wrists. The inside of the band is concave which helps the wearer feel fantastic.

2. Which Apple Watch band is best for sweating?

The Apple Sport Loop is designed with tough workout sessions in mind. Its nylon fabric is breathable and lightweight for ultimate comfort when you do heavy sweating activities. The insides of the band are built-in with cushioning to help wick sweat. With a velcro strap, it is easy to get on or off.

3. Is there a difference in Apple Watch bands?

The primary difference between Apple Watch bands is the holes in the strap that allows proper airflow on your wrist. You are saved from worrying about sweat gathering under the band because each of them is made with efficient airflow features.

4. Does the Apple Watch track sleep?

The Sleep App on your Apple Watch can help you to create a bedtime schedule to assist you in having a healthy sleep schedule. You can wear your Apple Watch to bed and it will track your sleep. Once you are awake, open the Sleep app to check how much you have slept and other sleep trends over the last two weeks.

5. Does an Apple Watch track oxygen?

Apple Watch Series 7 and 6 can measure blood oxygen levels using the Blood Oxygen app. It can also measure the percentage of oxygen in your RBCs making it a super reliable health device.