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Top 8 websites for job seekers

websites for job seekers

One of the most common ways to look for employment opportunities is through online job websites. There are several online platforms through which you can search and apply for jobs. The good news is that they provide plenty of employment options. However, the real problem for many job seekers is that they do not know how and where to apply their time and energy to get the best outcomes or responses.

There are multiple factors that those looking for work opportunities do not find appealing and often get annoyed with. What are the best websites to find your next career step? The answer to that lies in this article.

Here, we will write about the top eight websites for seeking a job according to your skills and expertise.

1. ZipRecruiter

Using ZipRecruiter can be very beneficial if you are searching for work, as it does not charge even a penny from those who apply through the site. One hundred ten million users have been using this platform to find jobs since its creation. Thousands of resumes are being scanned according to their skills, education, and experience, providing employers with the best profiles for selection.

2. Indeed

Since 2004, Indeed has been one of the runners-ups among the famous job-searching websites for job seekers. To start your journey here, you need to make an account, add your CV, and search a massive database of jobs that meet your precise requirements. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started using this platform and its hiring tools efficiently:

  1. First things first, visit the Indeed website or get the app.
  2. After that, you need to create an account to upload your resume.
  3. Select “Find jobs” to get the job title and details.
  4. By clicking on the job title and location, you can learn about the offered salaries for particular posts.
  5. You can also refine the search by adjusting the search criteria.
  6. In the end, you can apply for jobs matching your interests.

3. LinkedIn

Unlike other job-seeking websites, LinkedIn provides opportunities for job-seeking individuals by allowing them to connect with people working in different fields. Now you might be wondering how things work on this platform.

LinkedIn users can search and connect with professionals and discuss the opportunities offered in their firm or apply for desired posts matching their education and experience. As a job seeker, when you apply through LinkedIn, you never have to send your resume repeatedly because you can apply using your profile on LinkedIn.

Millions of people have been using this platform enthusiastically because there it’s not only possible to find a job, but you can also meet new people who will give you great advice. Using LinkedIn to search for jobs can be very helpful because once you start hunting for your dream career, it stores your search parameters and will notify you automatically about vacant spaces according to your skills and experience.

4. Monster

It is the website of the dot-com era. Although this website is less utilized than other new ones, it’s still a great place for applicants. With its job listing boards, Monster also spreads your profile to hundreds of websites.

Professionals seeking work may share their resumes with Monster, like on other large job search websites, and search the job board for openings based on parameters like beginning wage, hours, field, and other particulars. Visit it for assistance with job hunting, salary negotiations, and job interviews.

Another great feature of Monster’s mobile app is the ability to swiftly “swipe” through job cards to apply for or reject openings on your screen.

5. Glassdoor

When we talk about job sites, Glassdoor has a different landscape. Along with the feature of job listings, it also keeps a check on the reviews about the job. Employees of a particular organization can describe their experiences with the company they have worked for, which portrays an image of this company for new job seekers who will be joining that firm.

You will never see things like minimum wage, persistence, and location while searching for jobs through Glassdoor. But you will get to experience leadership ratings and employee recommendations. Moreover, Glassdoor has always emphasized employer branding as it is considered suitable for business.

6. Get Work

Undoubtedly, using websites to search for jobs is very convenient for many people, but sometimes it creates anxiety for employees and employers. Because dealing with millions of applications can be a challenging task. Applying filters can reduce your efforts, but it can still be too time-consuming.

To reduce human efforts and save time, Get Work searches for jobs from the companies’ websites directly. It means all those applications that are up to date will be shortlisted, and all duplicates, expired listings, and other time wasters will not be entertained.

Moreover, the company website is used by GetWork to handle several applications. This method is convenient for both employees and employers.

7. Leadar

If you already know where you want to work and need business contacts, Leadar is here to save you. Search for contacts by location, name, social media, education, and company. On this website, it’s possible to establish a connection with other people and ask them for job opportunities.

It has 110 million contacts which makes it easy to find just anyone.

8. Scouted

Almost every website asks about your resume and experience when applying for jobs. Instead of relying on a CV, Scouted adopts a more broad approach to the recruiting and job-seeking process, aiming to match individuals and businesses based on their personalities and potential, as well as their abilities and expertise.

If you have yet to gain experience but want to strive in a field with complete dedication, Scouted is the best platform to help you get a relevant job.


With the world’s exponential progress, we have entered the era of technology. Keeping aside all miseries for a while, we cannot count its unlimited benefits. Everything is shifted online. Similarly, population growth has also put job seekers under challenging conditions, as traditional ways of applying for particular jobs take too much time and effort. But now, there is no need to worry because many websites have been built for those looking for jobs to approach the desired company. You just need to know what exactly you want to start your career.

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