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Which online platforms are available for young people trying to enter the entertainment industry?

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As with the tech industry, it is fair to say that the global entertainment sector is vast and plays a key role in our lives. Recent figures, for example, suggest it was worth more than a staggering $2trn in 2021! Those numbers show how much people love to dip into entertainment niches like film or music to fill some of their spare time.

Entertainment is not just a hobby for some people, and this sees numerous young people worldwide looking to break into it as a career. That is not always easy because of the stiff competition and the hard-to-access nature of the entertainment sector. If you are a young person looking to enter the industry, help is at hand, thanks to the latest online platforms. These tech-heavy sites give you easy ways to make waves in your chosen niche.

But which are best to use?


Launched in 2006, this micro-blogging website enables users to share their thoughts with the world. For those looking to get into entertainment, it is also a place to engage with other aspiring young entertainers and connect with companies and people in their chosen field.

When you also add in the popularity of Twitter (it has around 330 million active monthly users) and how it enables young entertainers to engage with a truly global audience, its appeal is obvious. Nicholas Otto-Bernstein is an aspiring filmmaker currently studying at Sacred Heart University and is one young future star who knows how useful Twitter can be. As his account shows, it is a place with much to discover and enjoy.


Instagram is another available online tool for youngsters trying to make their mark in entertainment. It is especially good for those looking to make waves in visual arts – such as photographers or painters. In addition, it is still an excellent platform for any young entertainer looking to showcase their talents for the world to view.

As Instagram involves uploading images to your account for people to see, it really does lend itself well to these niches. Operating on a global scale with billions of users, it is one tech-based tool to consider using. Just remember to find creative ways to get more from Instagram, and you will find this a very useful option.


As with Twitter, YouTube is free to create an account and easy to use. In addition, it cuts across all visual entertainment and is an effective platform for musicians, actors, poets, artists, vloggers, gamers, and filmmakers.

The main difference with YouTube is that users upload video content they have created for people worldwide. That can sometimes mean millions (if not billions!) of people consuming your content and making it go viral. As more and more of us like to engage with visual content, this platform has become very important to aspiring young entertainers. If you want to cover all bases in the video content arena, TikTok is also worth thinking about, and it has launched several young people into the world of entertainment.


If you are a young musician looking to get your big break, SoundCloud is one available online platform to consider using. This is where artists create their accounts for free and can then upload their tracks for others to listen to. With free uploads, it is also an excellent tool for young musicians to get their sounds out to the world without it being costly.

When you upload your track, you can select a cover image for it and enter more details to entice listeners. Having a SoundCloud account can also be very handy when contacting agents/managers/record companies. You can email them your profile link when they ask to hear your tracks. The only thing which can put people off this platform is that all tracks are free for people to consume. If you want an online platform that makes it possible to sell your music, Bandcamp is a good alternative.

Breaking into entertainment with handy tech platforms

There is no doubt that the whole entertainment sector has undergone a digital transformation recently. This has undoubtedly been seen in the many online platforms available to young people trying to get into the business. From actors to musicians and filmmakers, there is a raft of easy-to-use and effective websites now which can help you get a foot in the door. In addition, they are all very good at building up a buzz around your name to kickstart your entertainment journey. If you need a few ideas on the best to try, the above should help.