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Why Do People Prefer Carpet Floors Over Tiles?

Carpet Floors Over Tiles

The number of carpets sold each year totals $12 billion of revenue in the United States alone. Whereas ceramic floor and wall tile sales were about $3.5 billion in 2020. These figures are reflecting the general popularity of carpet flooring in the region. And that holds for other countries of the world too. With several flooring options available in the market, what makes carpet flooring so popular among property owners. Be it residential or commercial property, carpets seem to be everywhere. In this post, we will try to break down the reasons why people prefer carpet floors, especially in comparison to tiles.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring

1. Inexpensive And Cost-Effective

The most important benefit of choosing carpet flooring is that you can get durable and beautiful floors by spending far less compared to tile flooring. On average carpet costs $2.50 per square foot, and that price can range between $0.65 and $12 per square foot or around $10 per square yard. As compared to that, expect to pay around $15 to $20 per square foot for installation and materials, according to Home Advisor. The difference is pretty evident.

2. Warm And Comfortable

The R-value of a carpet refers to its ability to resist heat transfer and insulate against it. It is beneficial to energy conservation because, in colder climates or seasons, it can keep warm air in for longer. So expect to pay less for your heating bills in winter. On the contrary to that, tiles cool down during the colder temperatures and keep the house cooler. Carpet not only makes sitting, playing, or working in a room more comfortable, but it also gives the space an overall cozier and warmer vibe.

3. Easy To Install

When compared to other forms of flooring, the installation process for carpeting is typically simpler, it takes less time, and it costs a lot less money as compared to tile installation. People prefer carpeting because it has been the best pick when it comes to fast and simple flooring solutions. Most carpet installation professionals will only take a day for an average-sized home. It takes no more than 24 hours. Whereas tile installation demands a lot more professional expertise as well as time.

4. Versatile In Design And Materials

For those who have never purchased a carpet before, it’s important to know that carpet comes in different pile types and even patterns. The options are practically limitless when it comes to textures and colors. You can opt from a wide variety of options to create aesthetically appealing floors for your home.

5. Carpets Can Hide Dirt And Debris For a Long Time

If you choose the carpet type and color strategically, it can effectively hide dirt and debris. This helps you to keep your home looking clean and well-kept at all times. While it is critical to maintain a regular vacuuming and cleaning schedule for your carpets, you don’t have to lose your peace over dirty carpets. In comparison to that, tile floors are generally reflective and even a fine layer of dust over them is visible.

6. Safe For Elders And Kids

A lot of people choose carpet floors because they are considered safe. It is perfect for softening the impact of our steps, lowering the risk of slipping and falling, and lessening the severity of injuries sustained in the event of a fall. Everyone in the family, particularly young children, and elderly people can benefit from the additional safety protection that carpet offers.

Various studies have also stated that people with asthma, allergy, and other respiratory tract problems have reported an improvement in their symptoms with carpet.

7. Reduces Noise Pollution

Our houses are becoming increasingly noisy because of large-screen TVs, speakerphones, computers, and sound systems. The carpet is effective in absorbing some of these sounds. If you want to achieve greater noise reduction, install a cushion pad directly beneath the carpet. Carpet can also function as a sound barrier between different floors. That’s because it reduces the amount of sound that travels down to the rooms below. Carpeting the stairs helps disguise the sound of people constantly walking up and down them. Whereas a house with tile flooring has no surfaces to absorb noise.

8. Zero Risk Of Cracking Or Breaking

It is no secret that tile flooring is quite hard and thus there is a high chance of mutual destruction when objects fall on it. The objects may shatter and hence crack or chip the expensive tile floors. Contrarily, carpets absorb the impact of falling objects so there is a little risk of damage, both to the object and carpet floors.

The Final Words

Given the number of benefits, carpet flooring is rightfully considered among the best flooring options. The only challenge is to keep it free of dirt and debris to maintain general hygiene and indoor air quality. If you are considering carpet floors for your space, consider the carpet type, thickness, color, and design along with its maintenance challenges. Above all, only hire the best carpet flooring services in Seattle WA to make the most of your investment.

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