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Why Do Students Need Career Counselling?

Career Counselling

When you ask a small kid what he or she wants to be, they say superhuman, king. queens or want to have their chocolate factory, as they grow up a little their dreams change now they want to be doctors, scientists, astronauts or engineers. However, when the time finally comes for making some serious decisions about their career and their field of occupation; students often feel lost and confused. In most cases, it is seen that students tend to choose those courses or fields that are trending or suggested by their friends or family; but the thing is that their friends and family can’t evaluate their true potential and thus, students end up choosing the field that they don’t have any interest in. This leads to dissatisfaction with their career, and job which hinders their mental and career growth. From stopping students from making wrong career decisions and guiding them toward their true passion, today’s youth need career counselling.

What Career Counselling is? And why is it important for students? To know this, keep reading the article.

What Is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the process where a trained Career counsellor, helps the students to make the right and informed decisions regarding their careers, students can get career counselling from them regarding the stream(science, arts, commerce) they should choose, college to choose or field of occupation to choose after college. Career counsellors give expert career advice to the students, after measuring their aptitude, skills and interests, they help students to choose the career which is suitable for them through systematic counselling. Counsellors use tests and assessments to check the IQ, EQ, knowledge etc. for this.

Importance Of Career Counselling

Informs Students: The central motive of career counselling is to help students in making the right career decision and choosing the best career field. And this can only be possible when they are well informed. Just like teachers inform and teach online to the students before taking tests, career counsellors inform students about various courses and fields of career before letting them make any decision. During the career counselling, students are informed about courses and jobs other than the popular ones, this gives them the idea that they can work in other great fields that are suitable for them, and can get success in their careers. For example, students opting for biology don’t just have the option of becoming doctors; they can do biotechnology, zoology, pharmacy etc.

Prepares Students: As during the counselling sessions, counsellors talk to students, ask about their interests and what skills they possess; and assess them by taking their tests and doing assessments. Counsellors get to know about the weak and strong points of the students, they use this information to train students and prepare them to learn new skills and work harder to be able to fulfil their lackings. So that when students choose their path they are well prepared. Like if a student wants to choose commerce, but he/she is not that good at mathematics; counsellors give them tips and advice on what they can do to improve or make up for this lack.

Resolving Career Conflicts: It is often seen that the parents impose their decisions on the children thinking they know the best about their future. This often leads to conflict between students and parents regarding career decisions or students have to follow that field that their parents want. Career Counsellors understand these issues and the viewpoint of both parties, they try to resolve these issues by counselling parents and students together, discussing the career aspirations of the students and their abilities to achieve them. This gives a clear idea to the parents what might be right for their children and what not.

Creates Career-Map For Students: Just as teachers create lesson plans for students to inform them about when what and how to learn and understand chapters before taking their online class on the apps for classroom. Counsellors create a career map for students, by counselling and helping them at every step. They counsel students while choosing a stream in high school, college, courses to do in college and what to do after graduation.