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8 Best US Local Business listing sites List – Free Signup

US Local Business listing sites

Any company, big or small, with a physical location that expects customers to visit, needs to invest in local SEO. SEO provides opportunities for Google’s search results without a lot of effort. You’ll also be able to get more customers through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which will help grow your business! If you’re looking to start a local business, this article will guide you about the best US Local business listing sites on the Internet, that will help you in business growth. Here are they:

1. yelp

Yelp is a local business and consumer review site that specializes in helping consumers find the best places to eat, shop, and play. The company offers over 100 million monthly visitors who post reviews of their favorite local businesses on Yelp.

In addition to providing information about thousands of restaurants, shops, and other businesses across America, Yelp also has an extensive collection of user-submitted photos of local landmarks as well as tips on how to get there.

Yelp also provides tools for users interested in finding out more about their area by generating maps with driving directions from one place to another; analyzing data collected from those who have reviewed specific locations; reading reviews posted online about specific destinations.

2. citylocal101

There are different categories, in which you can list your business, for example, if you have sites related to IT services, Arts, culture, transportation, and home improvement including car towing services, locksmith, junk removal, damage restoration, etc.).

City Local 101 has been around since 2009, so it’s no surprise that the platform already has over a million unique users monthly — making it one of the largest online directories in the United States!

They have currently ranked higher among the top free business listing sites because of their distinctive, result-oriented strategy. Feel free to list your company in their global directory if you want to increase your chances of turning up in local business searches.

3. BBB

The BBB is a non-profit organization that has been around for 75 years. It’s the oldest and most authoritative business review site on the internet, with over 100 million business reviews, 1 million listings, and 11 million visitors per month.

The BBB has an extensive list of categories to help you find sites; like restaurants, auto repair shops, hair salons, dentists, and more! You can also search by category name or state if you want to narrow down your search even further.

4. yext

Yext is a software company that provides businesses with a single platform to manage their online reputation across the web, mobile and social media. Yext offers a suite of software products that help businesses manage their online presence across the web and social media.

Yext’s flagship product, Yext Local, is one of the most comprehensive listings services available for local businesses in any industry: restaurants; hair salons; fitness centers; spas; bars & nightclubs; real estate agents & brokers; mortgage lenders; insurance agents.

5. local.com

Local.com is a free and easy-to-use local business listing website that offers business listings. It also has an in-depth search engine for locating businesses by category or location, and you can also view offers from local restaurants and shops.

The site boasts an easy-to-use interface with mobile apps available on both Android and iOS devices, so you can check out everything from restaurants to hotels while on vacation with friends or family members who live nearby (or even just across town!).

6. Foursquare.com

Foursquare is a location-based mobile social networking application that allows users to “check in” at locations, and broadcast their current location on a map. It has over 50 million users and 80% of the top 100 brands use it for marketing purposes.

Foursquare is used by more than 20 million people every month; many of them use it as an alternative to Google Maps.

7. SuperPages

Superpages is a free local business listing website that helps you get your products and services found online. The site has over 2 million unique monthly visitors, making it one of the largest search engines in the United States.

Superpages has several features including:

  • A free business directory with more than 500,000 listings from all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • A search engine that delivers results from all across the web, including Google News & Finance & Yahoo Finance & MSN Money by default (you can also select Bing).
  • A social media marketing tool where you can manage Facebook pages for your company or brand using their intuitive interface (this does not include posting content though).

8. Craigslist

 The most well-known classifieds website in the world is Craigslist. It’s free to use and has over 50 categories of ads for rent, sale, jobs, services, and more.

Craigslist is a great place to find local businesses that offer products or services you need. You can also look for jobs on Craigslist if you want to work in your area or just need extra income!


There are many ways to get your listing on local business websites. The most important thing is to find a site that works for you and then use it to your advantage.