Features of Good Site Crawlers for On-Page SEO Audit

SEO attracts more traffic than organic social media. You can only come up with an effective search engine strategy if you conduct website audits. This is particularly true for on-page SEO.

Experts state that the best way to do search engine optimization is by scanning your online platform using a site crawler from a reliable vendor. Website owners consider Spider by Netpeak Software to be among the most efficient bots.

What Functions Do Fine Site Crawlers Have?

High-quality crawling apps like Netpeak Spider typically offer users the following features:

  • determination of target URL availability for indexing by SEs;
  • detecting all the links leading to current web pages;
  • defining the response time of a certain website;
  • identification of all the links from particular URLs;
  • checking the length and content of the title, description, and alt tags;
  • determination of the number of headings and subheadings on a page.

Fine site crawlers enable prospects to try offered functions as part of free trials.

Availability of Integrated Features

On-Page SEO Audit

These functions significantly expand the capabilities of site crawlers. So, you can conduct deeper on-page tests or check the results of implemented SEO strategies. Netpeak Spider, for instance, proposes comprehensive tools inspired by Google Analytics. Such features allow for determining the following:

  • total number of site visitors;
  • URL bounce rates;
  • number of users’ sessions;
  • average durations of sessions.

Such features partially help audit website content quality and relevance. Thus, you may determine critical on-page SEO mistakes more effectively.

High Operational Speed

Good-quality site crawlers can process loads of information in only several minutes. Operational speed depends on the maximum number of threads provided by an application. Spider by Netpeak Software scans websites in up to 200 threads. The app also enables you to set the necessary number of streams to increase or reduce the load on your PC.

How to Check the Credibility of Site Crawlers’ Providers

You should check user reviews for a chosen software vendor. One may find such feedback on corresponding online platforms, thematic forums, and topical social media communities.

Browse Tariff Plans Offered by a Picked Provider

Trusted vendors usually offer a few subscriptions at different prices, so website owners can select an affordable one. For example, Netpeak Spider suggests three tariff plans. Their price starts at $7 per user per month.

View Current Clients of a Selected Site Crawling App Provider

Reliable vendors commonly cooperate with plenty of well-known brands. Netpeak Software collaborates with the following famous companies:

  • Shopify
  • Reuters
  • OLX

If renowned brands trust a vendor, you may securely confide in this provider, too. This is because global companies carefully check their partners and never waste time cooperating with shady firms. You can get further info on this subject from thematic blogs.

Final Thoughts

The SEO spider should provide users with proper analytics of SEO technical issues, such as metadata, headings, broken links, content information, and many other features. The ideal platform has to allow users to adjust crawl settings and advanced filtering. In conclusion, these options should help you develop your website’s health, speed, and accessibility for better organic rankings and search performance.