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Five of the latest TV tech trends

latest TV tech trends

TV development is electric at the moment, with new developments seemingly launched nearly every week. TVs are becoming better and better with lower energy usage, better picture quality, and even bigger sizes.

Some advancements were doomed from the start (remember 3D or curved TVs?), but there are bits of technology that are well worth knowing about when it comes to TVs.

All this means that if you’re looking for the best 32 inch-TV here in the UK, make sure to look at our guide to the latest developments and trends in TV technology.

LED tech gets cheaper

LCD has been the dominant TV technology for a while now but LED technology is making major inroads and has all but replaced LCD in larger TVs. LED TVs are more energy efficient, have better picture quality, and can be thinner than LCD options, but have usually come with a hefty price increase. That’s beginning to change however, LED technology is getting cheaper to produce which means that excellent TVs can be found cheaper.

Bigger and bigger

You may be aware that TV sizes have grown a fair amount in the past couple of years. A decade ago, a 60-inch TV was the pinnacle of TV sizes, but TV sizes are now starting to get even bigger. Samsung offers a selection of 85-inch TVs, while Sony and LG have TVs above 80 inches in size. Prototypes for 100-inch plus TVs are also pointing towards the future of TV sizes.

The era of 8K?

Most larger TVs on sale today will offer a 4K display. This means the number of pixels is four times the size of a 1080p HD option. 4K is considered the sweet spot of TVs currently thanks to the sharper image quality, reasonable price, and increasing library of 4K content to stream.

There are a couple of 8K options nestling in the upper end of the market, accompanied by a suitably eye-watering price tag. These have a pixel count that’s eight times the amount found in an HD option. The real issue with 8K is that the technology is still in its infancy and the bank of 8K content is tiny at present. 8K is certainly emerging but won’t be commonplace in the near future.

Android TVs

Smart TVs require an operating system to work and Android has stepped into the market, offering an operating system that gives full access to the Google Play App Store and support from Google Assistant (voice controls). These features are well worth considering if you own an Android phone as the integration offered with an Android TV will make viewing content seamless.

Smaller LED technology

Currently, the smallest LED TV size you can buy is around 40-inches in size, not good for bedrooms or kitchens. That leaves LCD technology to pick up the slack for smaller TV sizes. New technology however has shown that smaller LED TVs will soon become available, perfect for a secondary TV that you still want packing with the latest technology.

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