How To Safely Use Mods In GTA 5?

How To Safely Use Mods In GTA 5?

Many AAA game developers have already accepted the existence and necessity of mods. They understand how these modifications have become a crucial part of the game. They have also become aware of how mods further enrich the players’ experience, making them love the game even more. Because of that, most triple-A games already have integrated essential modding management and support tools.

Unfortunately, GTA V doesn’t ship with mod management tools, so it’s up to the players and the modding community to supply themselves with the modding tools they need. And so, consider opting for a GTA modded account instead of modding in GTA V to avoid getting banned. It’s understandable. After all, this is typical for games with an online multiplayer mode, as they want to prevent other players from having unfair advantages or ruining the gaming experience of others because of cheating.

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On the other side of the fence, it’s also understandable for most GTA players to clamor for mods. GTA V, after all, can be a time-consuming and in-game resource-demanding game. For a player to get access to most of the fun stuff in the game, they’ll need to grind some hours, which can be frustrating for some people who just want to experience the game in its 100% state with their friends online.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can play with mods in GTA V safely. Some of them are the following:

  1. Get A Modded Account

If you have some cash to spare and don’t have time you can waste, getting a modded account is the fastest way to enjoy the game without doing the modding yourself. With a modded account, you won’t need to put your account at risk or spend a lot of time figuring out how to apply all the scripts and mods you want in your game.

If you’re worried about price, don’t be. You have complete control when it comes to the amount you’ll spend. Usually, you can get modded accounts at a low price if you’re willing to compromise with the amount of starting resources you’ll have when you get the account.

Another thing: if you’re planning to play online with the account and you’re worried about getting banned because of the mods applied to the bought account, rest assured that you’ll be safe from that. You should know that the ‘modded accounts’ being sold online aren’t modded or have been created through cheats.

Most of these accounts are boosted by pros, meaning people spend time working on these accounts to accumulate the resources and features present in them. In some cases, these accounts are actual accounts of other players who decided to sell to get some money out of the time they spend playing the game. And in some handful of accounts, people who are experts when it comes to modifying games and online vulnerabilities, particularly with GTA V, did some modding on them.

  1. Find A Reliable Market, Community, Or Account Seller

It’s scary to think of how risky it can be for you to buy a modded GTA V account. After all, you’re not just purchasing an account with resources; you’re also purchasing the game and the character tied to the game account. When you get an account, you repurchase the game. Of course, that only applies to very old accounts and accounts created on other platforms.

Because of that, you should only get the account from a reputable seller, market, or community. And as much as possible, get an account that can provide you with money-back and ban guarantees.

  1. Get Reputable Modding Tools

If you want to experience the joy of game modding, you can do it yourself. However, be reminded that you should only mod the game if you only want to play offline. Modding is a bannable offense when playing GTA V online.

Rockstar Games already addressed the usage of mods before: it’s okay for players to use mods in single-player mode. Clearly, they’re speaking the truth, as no one has been banned because of it. However, it’s a different story when it comes to online or multiplayer mode. Being caught having a modded account may raise an account’s chances of being thrown into the cheater pool and be subsequently banned.

While Rockstar does approve of mods for the single-player mode, they provide little support for it in-game. It means that it has no mod managers or documentation on how to use mods. And this can complicate things a bit for players who want to play using mods, which also puts them at risk of making mistakes that can get them banned, ruin their machines, or be scammed.

For one, modding methods may differ from one modder to another, which pushes users to use and modders to develop different tools. Because of that, it falls upon regular players to do ample research to find the ‘safest’ and feature-rich modding tools for their GTA V installation.

Typically, you need three tools to use all the mods available: scripting hook, mod manager, and RPF file modifier.

  • Scripting Hook

With a script hook, you can utilize scripts in your game. Scripts are files containing codes that can modify and add some functionalities to the game. They can be easily altered and, to some extent, readable to users.

While scripts modify the game, they’re different from mods. Scripts utilize in-game commands to bring in gameplay changes. For example, a script can allow a player to equip a player’s backpack to the character model’s back. Basically, the effects of a script are something you can achieve through the game’s command-line console.

  • Mod Manager

Mods are typically files that can directly interact with other files in the game. For example, some mods can change the skin of a character, car, or even a backpack. Of course, that’s just an example, and there are many possibilities and changes you can employ with mods.

A mod manager allows a player to easily install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate mods in the game.

  • RFP File Modifier

Most mods, particularly those that modify or temporarily replace files, require an RPF file modifier. Also, the modifier allows users to have greater control of the game files and even enables them to make mods themselves.

  1. Find A Good Source Of Mods

When it comes to using mods, it’s not always a question about how you can do it safely but what you need to download to ensure your PC (or even console) is safe. You wouldn’t want to risk your valuable PC over a billion virtual dollars. When selecting a mod for your game, always practice due diligence—even if it’s not for GTA V.

Find a modding community where you can find news about the latest popular and safe mods to use in your game. From those places, you can just handpick the mods that you need.

Of course, be sure to be active in the community as well. Remember that the people there are the same people who can give you help and support you when you’re having a hard time using the mods you chose or if you have questions installing them. They’ll also be the ones who can provide you with information on which mods to pick. You can also ask them to play with you online if you need a few people to help you out with farming and grinding in the game.

  1. Have An Antivirus Or Antimalware Program Ready

And even if you made sure that you’ll get a stable mod for your game from a reputable site or community, there’s still a chance that the one you’ll get may pose a risk to your gaming rig. Because of that, while downloading the mod, be sure to run it through an antivirus or antimalware program.

Remember that malware and viruses can easily hijack files included in mods. Since most download sites for these mods are often free, you can easily get misled to click malicious ads or hijacked links with ‘infected files’ that can damage your PC or gaming console.

  1. Always Read The Descriptions And Manual

Don’t just get mods by the hundreds. Be selective, and don’t forget to read the descriptions and manual. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, as you may already know that modding your game too much can crash it or may make your PC’s performance tank.

When reviewing a mod, check if it’s compatible with the other mods you’ll install or activate in the game. While the existence of mod incompatibility is common knowledge, it’s often easy and common to overlook it.

Aside from the incompatibilities, be also mindful of the manuals or instructions that come with the mods. It’s easy to uninstall or deactivate a great mod because you forget to do step one or three and think it doesn’t work. Remember, games with little modding support often force modders to forego user-friendliness, meaning mods for these games may require additional steps from users to work as intended.

Wrapping Up

It’s undeniable that people truly love GTA V. And after some time, it will reach its tenth anniversary, and players will most definitely still love the game. However, nobody wants to get their accounts banned, especially if they just wish to have fun in the game that they love through modding. Because of that, heed most of the advice provided here to ensure your account won’t be hastily and unjustly banned from a single mistake.

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