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IMO Class 5 Maths Details

IMO Class

Various schools across the nation conduct the International Maths Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad is a premium organization that has teamed with different schools all over the country. This examination is for all the boards namely the state board, the ICSE board as well as the CBSE board and other international boards. The school gives study material in the pattern of IMO Book for grade 5 that contains comprehensive data on the whole syllabus of IMO.

This examination has become prominent since numerous scholars are rewarded for their extraordinary achievement in this exam. Schools have now begun to specify learners who want to excel in Mathematics. To make knowledge delightful, the Indian Talent Olympiad books are distributed into various components. As a further advantage to the learners, the analytical reasoning segment is also provided at the end of the book. Each portion has questions and their answers at the end.

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 5

When students reach class 5, they start to understand factors through LCM and HCF. They are taught addition, subtraction, division of factors, decimals as well as multiplication. Also, they are introduced to fresh concepts of ratio as well as percentages. The geometry category is a with problems that are established on the perimeter and the area. Students also understand the idea of volume. Students of grade 5 understand several procedures of unravelling a problem. They must be urged to use their techniques to reach the exact solution.

The olympiad examinations are one of the most favourable ways to include the pattern of using distinctive strategies. The course of the Olympiad examination is the same as specified by the school. Though, the same questions are inquired very contrarily in the Olympiads. It paves the direction towards unrestrained reasoning.

Indian Talent Olympiad has talented educators who are dedicated to ensuring that learners formulate powerful logical reasoning abilities. Each question that is a component of the Mathematics Olympiad syllabus for grade 5 is carefully formulated. The logical abilities applied to unravel these problems will enable learners to be applied in all other future competitive examinations in future higher classes.

Olympiad examinations are supposed to be all-inclusive that comprise credible data. It is as per the standards defined by all the boards, the CBSE, ICSE, as well as the other State Boards. Therefore, no matter which boards the students’ school refers to, they are agreeable to take part in the Olympiad examinations.

Chapters included in the syllabus are:

  1. Concept of Geometry
  2. Number System
  3. Factors & Multiples
  4. Addition & Subtraction
  5. Multiplication & Division
  6. Fractions & Decimals
  7. Measurement
  8. Data Handling
  9. Logical Reasoning

Maths Olympiad Books

IMO for grade 5 is the Indian Talent Olympiad that provides a chance to the learners who maintain the aptitude to unravel problems. The IMO Book for grade 5 is given to the students. The book comprises the contents of the school board syllabus. Specialists in Maths constructed content carefully to make it reader-friendly as well as simple to comprehend. The workbooks comprise answer keys with an in-depth description of the topic. By practising the Olympiad questions, students often get used to the ideas and can achieve adequately in their conclusive exams. These abilities of the learners flourish with passes.

Previous Year Question Papers for IMO

Maths Olympiad examination for learners of grade 5 heightens the belief and encourages the level of scholars. The examination comprises multiple-choice problems with choices for scholars to select the accurate choice. The Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 5 Maths 2013 is for students taking part in this examination. It gives the prior year’s questions so that learners get to know valid answers and patterns.

It is suggested that the students comprehend all provided questions as it ascertains to be effective not only for undertaking the Olympiad examinations but for the regular school examinations as well. The course for the Maths Olympiad examination is according to the board course. It lends the students exposure to compete at the national levels. Parents must motivate full participation to assure precision in maths.

Class 5 Maths Monthly Olympiad and Annual Olympiad

  • Annual Olympiad

The Annual Olympiads are identical to the Monthly Olympiads. These are also online examinations held two times a year – in December and in February. Learners can enrol for any of these as per availability and their convenience. The Online Mathematics Olympiad is held for 45 minutes. Scholars are provided 50 multiple choice questions to attempt. Therefore, they are required to possess exceptional calculative skills, to evaluate all questions and reach the correct answer. The distractors of the problems are usually difficult. Nonetheless, the students who have grasped the concepts adequately in advance can find the correct answers.

These examinations give various advantages to the candidates. It makes them comprehensive in the topic of their selection. It enables them to expand their endurance, at the exact moment work on their drawbacks. It enables parents to comprehend the educational ability of their kids. Those who attempt the Olympiads exam, find it simple to strive towards questions in their final examinations. These exams comprise logical reasoning as a vital section of the examination.

This exam assesses the students’ reasoning capacities. It questions their logical capabilities. Scholars have to unravel questions established on patterns, relations, series as well as colours and other analytical parameters. It formulates both sides of the fresh brain. Experimenters believe that brain advancement occurs in the constructive years of learners’ life. Olympiad exams are a reasonable way to educate the brain in the right way.

  • Monthly Olympiads

The monthly Mathematics Olympiads are held each month. They are an online exam that can be attempted anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Learners can take part in these examinations by using a smartphone or a tablet. The period for the Mathematics Olympiad is 25 minutes in which learners are given 30 questions to unravel. The complicatedness of the questions depends on each test. These examinations are held chapter-wise, continuously throughout the year. Thus, it provides a ton of time for learners to comprehend every individual chapter of Maths.


 Various schools across the nation conduct the International Maths Olympiad. This article mentions all the necessary details based on the IMO Class 5 Maths Olympiad.