Personal proxies: description, necessity, nuances of choice

Personal proxies: description, necessity, nuances of choice

A proxy represents a server that becomes an additional intermediary between a specific user of the global network and Internet resources. It makes it appear to sites that the visitor is real, but a different person. For this task to be successfully solved, it is necessary to use the services of trusted providers. Among the largest specialized companies, occupies a special place, as it offers to use hundreds of servers installed in different countries, as well as tens of thousands of IP addresses with an impeccable history.

The need for a proxy

Server equipment is multifunctional, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

  1. Ensuring confidentiality. When the user is worried about his private life, then the personal proxy will hide all information about the real computer that made the initial request. As a result, a person is freed from annoying advertisements or makes it difficult for third parties to spy on himself. And legal entities are able to protect themselves from competitors’ espionage.
  2. Enhanced security. The attacking actions of cybercriminals and computer viruses will always be directed to the proxy. The settings also help to automatically block requests from malicious portals. As a result, an additional remote server turns into an original antivirus that allows all employees of an enterprise or organization to safely visit Internet resources.
  3. Access to blocked or regional sites. Many overseas libraries, music libraries, film archives track the IP addresses of visitors in order to allow residents of certain territories to pass. A personal gateway located in a legitimate area provides access to information of interest. Similarly, the proxy helps out when visiting pages blocked by officials.

Features of choice

For the sake of obtaining the desired result, it is important to correctly select a provider, to decide on a tariff plan. Of great importance is the type of proxy, which can be transparent, anonymous, private and distorting.

The transparent option does not hide any data from the visited resources. The server informs without concealment that it belongs to the proxy class. He immediately broadcasts user information.

The private version is suitable for true connoisseurs of anonymity. Proxy changes IP addresses with enviable regularity, always sends fake information to requests, so the likelihood of tracking traffic, combining it with a specific person, is minimized.

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