Why Do Forklifts Use Blue Lights?

Why Do Forklifts Use Blue Lights?

Forklift safety lights are the quickest way to enhance workplace safety for pedestrians and staff members. Studies estimate that one in every ten forklifts is involved in an accident, although 70% of these accidents are preventable. Forklifts account for approximately 100,000 accidents annually. It turns out that around ten people per day end up getting hurt because someone accidentally ran them over or something like that due to negligence from other workers not paying attention when driving their vehicles. Let’s see the common forklift safety lights and how blue lights prevent industrial accidents. 

The Blue Lights On Forklifts

Blue light is a light-emitting diode (LED) spotlight mounted on the rear and front end. The light illuminates the considerable area (approximately 20 feet) on the front and back end of the forklift as it moves within the warehouse. 

The blue light on the wall is an essential tool for warehouse workers trying to avoid a potentially dangerous collision. When the light blinks and flashes the caution sign, it means that there’s a forklift approaching, and so each worker should stop whatever work they’re doing to make sure no one gets hurt or worse.

Blue lights offer greater visibility in dimly-lit facilities such as warehouses than green, orange, or red combined. It’s challenging for a forklift operator to see what is behind when packing because of restricted visibility. Pedestrians and workers in these areas are vulnerable to accidents as the operator can’t see them. 

The Importance Of Forklift Safety Blue Lights 

  • Safety Lights Can Save A Pedestrian’s Life

A warehouse can be a dangerous environment, especially for pedestrians. OSHA records an average of 101 forklift accident-related deaths and injuries every year. The highest number of victims in these accidents are pedestrians. 

Warehouse pedestrians are often consulting documents on their clipboards as they move from one aisle to another. Sometimes, they may divert their attention to answering a work-related phone call, oblivious of an approaching forklift. The noise may prompt them to wear hearing protection gear affecting their ability to detect an on-coming forklift. 

Blue lights have proven effective in alerting pedestrians of oncoming forklifts. Of course, you can be distracted, but a blue light approaching can jerk you to reality and save you from a collision with a forklift. 

  • Prevents Collision With Other Forklifts 

Most warehouses have more than one forklift packing and off-loading goods. The obscured visibility and noise may bring them into frequent collisions with each other. Blue lights mounted on the front and rear end of the forklift creates a safety zone that alerts the operators to prevent invasion into each other’s space. These lights are especially crucial in intersections and sections of a warehouse with blind spots. 

Studies have revealed that forklift safety lights provide higher security than alert alarms. Busy and noisy warehouses may corrupt the sound of alarms. Besides, warnings don’t give the precise location or distance of forklifts the way blue lights do. 

  • Prevents Property Damage 

Forklift accidents can also damage properties and goods in the warehouse. For example, the forklift may be approaching a direction where stacks of goods have been kept awaiting packing. 

The blue lights will inform those working in the adjacent areas to inform the operator of the possible collision with the stack of goods and avoid it. Property owners incur hefty losses because of forklift-related collisions. Additionally, property owners can incur significant losses as a result of permanent goods damage. Blue lights provide extra safety to avoid these accidents. 

  • Prevention Of Liability Lawsuits 

Workers who suffer from forklift-related accidents can file workplace liability lawsuits. The higher the accident incidents, the more liability cases the individual company is likely to face. The company will spend funds to pay for workplace-related injuries and getting defense attorneys. It’s possible to prevent these troubles by mounting blue lights on forklifts to alert pedestrians. 

Find A Professional Company To Install A Forklift Safety Light

Forklift safety blue lights are an important safety feature. The main function of these forklift lights is to warn pedestrians and other drivers of the truck that a forklift is approaching on a roadway. This way, it prevents collisions with these vehicles where someone may be injured or killed.

Are you searching for a company that sells and mounts safety forklift blue lights on your commercial equipment? Then, the Forklift Center has you covered. At the Forklift Center, you’ll have access to a vast supply of quality and durable blue lights for your equipment to keep your forklift operators and warehouse pedestrians safe. Contact us today to learn more about forklift safety lights and maintenance. 

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