Why Is Anime So Popular?

Why Is Anime So Popular?

Anime has remained a successful media for almost 3 decades, with the Japanese export now being watched by thousands of fans.

Since its introduction to western culture, anime has become a movement among certain communities, leading to the advent of comic cons, action figures, and anime decor. Some fans even dress up as their favorite characters and spend their time searching forums for information on upcoming series.

But why is anime so popular? In this article, we have compiled some reasons to explain anime’s fame and how our modern world could have influenced its recent success.

So if you are interested in anime and want to learn more about its impact, this article has everything you need to get started.

What Is Anime?

Anime is a Japanese term used to describe animated movies and television shows, which are seen as unique entities when compared to normal cartoons. Anime can now be found across the world and is known for its stunning animation, complex characters, and thematic stories.

Most anime franchises are based on manga and light novels, which are comics published in Japan. These publications will often explore complex themes, such as love, death, sexuality, and violence.

Because of its diverse stories and human themes, anime has become a popular media among various communities, as it offers something for everyone.

Why Is Anime Popular?

There are countless reasons why anime remains popular, so we have decided to condense them into the sections below:

Diverse Stories

The success of anime is often attributed to its diverse range of stories, which cover a wide spectrum of different genres. Because of this, anime can never be defined as one thing, since it includes genres such as horror, fantasy, romance, adventure, comedy, and suspense.

The diverse stories also make anime accessible to artists and writers, who are not restrained when it comes to the creative process. For this reason, anime is also accessible to newbies, as it allows them to find something they like in the mass of content.

Stunning Visuals

Anime is commonly known for its stunning animation, which often features battle sequences and lush backgrounds. In some cases, you can even see the detail on the characters’ faces, which are able to change with different emotions. Anime artists also use shadows and light to add depth to their visuals – resulting in a realistic appearance.

This attention to detail is another reason why anime remains so popular, as it conveys the dedication of the creative team. Artists spend hours bringing these shows to life and it can be seen in the quality of their work.

Relatable Characters

Despite being an animated franchise, anime is also known for its complex themes and relatable characters, with the media exploring happiness, depression, and the harsh realities of human existence. Even the more unrealistic anime tend to deal with themes of oppression and adolescence, making them a popular choice among teenagers and new adults.

In contrast to western cartoons, anime is notable for its mature content and serious tone, which has made it popular among adults. The use of relatable characters is also a key draw for the media, as it allows the audience to interact with characters that call to mind their own experiences.

While most anime characters are coded as Japanese, this does not detract from the base entertainment, as the media uses universal themes and human experiences to connect with the audience.

Storied History

While anime is still a new media in terms of its relationship with the west, the art form itself has existed in Japan since the 1910s and first rose to prominence in the 1970s. Because of the success of manga, animation studios began adapting them for the screen, with some companies even going on to produce their own unique content as well.

Because of this, anime continues to draw fans with its storied history, which encompasses the shifting landscape of Japanese culture and animation.

Streaming Services

These days, the success of anime can be attributed to streaming services such as Netflix, which boasts a library of animated content. In recent years, the streaming service has even started working with anime studios, resulting in the production of countless shows, movies, and mini-series.

There was once a time when anime was not readily available in western countries, which made it difficult to watch. However, the recent rise in streaming services has opened a new door for anime fans, as it allows them to watch their favorite shows from the comfort of their homes.

Streaming services are also introducing more and more viewers to the concept of anime, as well as the lore and culture that goes with it.

Final Thoughts

Despite the tumultuous times we live in, anime has continued to thrive and grow in popularity, with its recent success being attributed to its complex characters, diverse stories, and accessible design.

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