Why YouTube is becoming more relevant for businesses

“How do I change the lens on my new camera?” YouTube knows. “How can I expand my target audience?” YouTube knows the trick. “What does a workplace look like on Google?” – it can be seen on YouTube. The online platform, founded in 2005 and best known for its fun videos and music videos, has grown over the years into a valuable media outlet for academics, authors, entertainers, artists, teachers, hobbyists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. And even the change of the logo over the past 10 years has gone to the benefit of this project.

As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube is now an important marketing tool and helps companies achieve huge reach and new customers. However, many business people still underestimate YouTube as a major player in the search engine market. “About 30 percent of Austrians between the ages of 14 and 29 and 12 percent of those between the ages of 30 and 49 use YouTube every day,” says Paul Kalcher, founder of the Graz-based video and film agency Penta Media.

Answers in video format

Not surprisingly, YouTube is becoming more and more popular as a search engine, with more and more users looking for targeted solutions to a problem. Instead of reading instructions or doing your own research, the answers are conveniently presented in video format. “This is where companies need to start and meet this need for information,” says Culcher. “Huge added value can be created with informative videos. This is how viewers become paying customers. Investing in high-quality video content is also long-term and sustainable. You only need to take control of the budget once, and you often benefit from the reach and views of a single video for years, ”says the online expert.

Whether you’re a gym owner, an electronics retailer, or a hairdresser, “Every entrepreneur can benefit from YouTube,” says the entrepreneur. While some present their products, others give an insight into their daily work or explain the latest trends in their industry. From a certain number of subscribers, video contributions can also be monetized through ads.

Psychological counseling

It’s not just products that can sell well on YouTube – services such as psychological counseling are also popular on the platform. Instahelp, an online psychological consulting company based in Graz, has already realized the benefits of the search engine and offers its more than 800 subscribers a variety of videos on topics such as Tips for Greater Resilience or What to Do When Afraid. All these questions can be answered on this project, and these are far from all the reasons that made it so popular.

Other Google projects and their logos

Also of special attention is the Gmail logo, which also belongs to the Google group. This logo is constantly changing in design, but no drastic changes were observed here. Designers make only slight adjustments that update the overall style, making the icon of the famous postal service modern.

Constant design updates are always beneficial to projects of all sizes. This symbolizes the continuation of work on the project and devotion to all the important details that in general create the image of the project.