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10 Cars That Do Not Break or Stoned


One of the questions we all ask when buying the car is about their reliability, something that did not do very well with the members of the list we talked about the other day where they were 8 cars more break. If we realize it, this is a question without much sense, because all manufacturers are going to sell us their product as a panacea. Furthermore, not enough time will have passed since the car in question was put on the market for a fair value judgment to be made about its reliability.

For this reason, to carry out a study of this type, it is necessary to go back several years and analyze, in the past, which have been the most resistant vehicles in recent years. This is precisely what the second-hand cars buying and selling portal AutoUncle.es offers us, which collects data on models produced since 1994.

To be part of this classification, the car in question must exceed 300,000 km of use, in addition to having at least 20 units in the same conditions. Taking this into account, what are the hardest of the last 20 years?

Mercedes E Class


The German saloon takes the cake when it comes to reliability, as up to 5.65% of the units that have been analyzed have met the requirement of safely reaching 300,000 kilometers and you can buy it from Auto For Trade.

Peugeot 406


Close to the Mercedes E-Class is the Peugeot 406, one of the greatest historical successes of the French brand. The percentage of units ‘alive’ of the 406 amounts to 5.22%.

Citroën Xantia


You don’t have to leave France or the PSA group to meet the third member of this podium where reliability is what counts. It has been discontinued for a long time, but that does not prevent 4.80% of the Citroën Xantia from arriving alive and kicking the 300,000 kilometers barrier.

Toyota Land Cruiser


The presence of the Toyota Land Cruiser in this reliability ranking is curious. And not because we doubt the ability of the Japanese brand to make cars that do not break, but because it is the only one that sneaks into this classification and belongs to a totally different segment. 4.64% of the units of the Land Cruiser reached the 300,000 km intact.

Mercedes S Class


That the Germans know how to make cars that break less than a rock we already know. The fame that follows them is totally justified. And more if it is Mercedes, which with the S-Class sneaks a second model in the top five of this classification.

Skoda Octavia


If taxi drivers have one of their favorite models Skoda Octavia, it is for something, and it is reliable as a rock. 3.48% of the units have reached 300,000 kilometers without showing signs of weakness.

Seat Toledo


Our national pride in terms of reliability is saved by the Seat Toledo. It is true that for some time the brand has received something more than help from the VAG group, but for whatever reason, the truth is that Toledo is the seventh most reliable car of the last 20 years according to this ranking.

BMW 5 Series


You have to go down to the eighth place to find the first BMW in this reliability ranking. Again a German brand presents here, although knowing the competitiveness that prevails in the Teutonic country, surely BMW is not at all happy with not displacing Mercedes as the brand with the most reliable model.

Audi A6


We do not move from Germany to verify that the next in the table is the Audi A6, a model of which 2.02% of units arrive in perfect condition after 300,000 km of use.

Mercedes C Class


Not content with having two models among the most reliable, the Mercedes guys are capable of sneaking a third, in this case, the C-Class. According to this study, it is the most reliable street brand, while Germany stands out as the country that makes the most resistant models, with 7 placed in the top 10.