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10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

AirTag from Apple is the new device-tracking tool that will compete with Tile. It will help iPhone users to find third-party devices or any other item they want. This is a simple yet extremely helpful device to pinpoint the location to few centimetres.

Price is kept at $29 that seems quite reasonable for its application and the brand’s reputation. There is endless use of these small tags for the people who frequently lose stuff. Moreover, it may assist the users in finding a stolen item if the thief has forgotten to remove the tag.

If you are searching for the exact reasons to buy one, we have created this list of some ways to use AirTags.

1. Keys

Keys are one of the most common things people misplace or lose. These small can make you late for work and create a bad reputation in the workplace. An AirTag on these keys will help you locate them within a few seconds.

You will never lose the keys to your motorbike or scooter in parking. Many times, there is no locksmith in the neighbourhood to make spare keys. Use the AirTag as the new keychain to save time and efforts while trying to find keys.

2. Wallet & Bag

You cannot risk losing the wallet or bag with cash and important documents. The monetary loss may not hurt as much as the other content in it. Therefore, it is easier and simpler to put an AirTag on the wallet or bag.

It will also help find the pickpockets if someone tries to take your wallet without your permission. Always put the AirTag inside the wallet in a hidden spot to avoid its exposure to other people. This use of these tags can save an enormous amount of trouble that is worth instalment loans from direct lenders in the UK to buy one.

3. Remote and Similar Stuff

Smaller members of a family often misplace items that can cause trouble for the adults. Remote is their favourite item that is found under the pillows, sofa cushion, or rugs. Instead of spending hours daily on finding these items, you can simply place an AirTag on them.

Many similar household items require a tracker to make life a lot easier. It is not about spending unnecessarily to save a few minutes, but an investment to avoid spending on these items every other month.

4. Umbrella

Umbrella deserves a special mention in the list because they often get mixed with the same design among the hundreds of others. You may have exchanged the new umbrella with someone after leaving it to dry at the office. Also, many people have the habit of losing it since this is the item they don’t carry daily, like a bag.

5. Luggage

A vacation can turn into a disaster if the luggage is lost somehow. There is no end to the troubles lost luggage can cause. It may have important documents, expensive clothes, and your favourite gadgets in it.

AirTags is a simple solution to this incredibly difficult situation. It can help the travellers if the airlines have sent their luggage to some other location. You don’t have to spend hours to find the bag in an unfriendly neighbourhood in a different country.

6. Bicycle

A bicycle could be the easiest mode of transport that can be stolen. There is no central locking system with an alarm that can chase the thieves away. The alarm systems are not worth the investment and trouble since they cannot find the vehicle once it has been taken away.

You can place an AirTag below the seat to locate it. Not only the thieves, but it will also help you find the bicycle in the stands with hundreds of others. You may find a built-in application with the more advanced bikes that fulfil the purpose of AirTag without making it visible.

7. Car

One of the significant investments of a person is their car in the garage. You may think of it as a wastage of a tag since the car is already equipped with a GPS. But the thieves are already aware of these systems.

An AirTag will surprise the thieves with cops on the doorstep even after uninstalling the GPS. They are also cheaper than the aftermarket trackers and doesn’t require a monitoring subscription. Moreover, these tags are helpful to locate the car in a crowded parking space.

8. Dog

Pets are the mischievous family member that leaves no stone unturned to make life difficult for their owners. Some are very obedient and leave the house with a family member. While others run away the moment, they saw the door is open.

Again, the trackers are expensive with their subscription, and some of them are easily noticeable. An AirTag in the collar will keep you updated with their location anytime and anywhere. You will be aware whether the dog is at home or wandering in an unknown street while the other members are out.

9. Family Members

A crowded concert or fair can make the family members lose contact with each other. The cell phone services rarely work there, and it can take hours to find them in the crowd. You can distribute AirTags to each member that will keep each member aware of the location of others.

It is helpful for the elderly with memory issues such as dementia. You can also put the AirTags on their medicines if someone else is responsible for taking care of them for a few days. These are life-saving application if the medication is required during some medical emergency.

10. Hidden Secret or Treasure

You may forget the exact location of the items or some documents you may have buried at someplace. Even if they are hidden in your bedroom, it is common to forget about them the next day. Therefore, place an AirTag on them, and the secret is safe.


To sum up, AirTags are indeed a practical device with many applications other than mentioned in this list. It will make your life easy, but at a price, some may find it unreasonable. You will find it valuable and worth every penny once the item is delivered to your doorstep.


In this blog, some ways to use Airtags are discussed to make life easier and consider buying the new line of products from Apple.