20 Best Anime Websites Where Your Can Watch Your Anime

Hey there, anime lovers? Are you sick and tired of searching everywhere for the latest episodes of your favorite anime series? Well, it is time to look at what we have for you right here. In this day and age, with the power of the internet, we have access to numerous websites that allow us to watch anime online at our convenience.

Best Anime Sites Where You Can Watch The Shows

Gone are the days when you had to rely on cable TV or DVDs to keep up with the latest anime releases. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, you can enjoy our favorite shows on the go. So, whether you are a newcomer to the world of anime or a seasoned master, there is definitely something out there for you.  However, with so many choices for websites, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose a single one. So, here we are with a list of anime websites that you can browse to watch your most-favorite anime shows of all time.

1. Funimation

Best Anime Websites

Owned by Sony, Funimation is known for releasing dubbed foreign content like anime and TV shows. It offers subbed and dubbed versions, as well as a PS application for easy access to thousands of anime episodes. But you will have to go through some annoying ads to watch the videos.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a free website with a massive collection of anime, Asian dramas, and manga. Its simple interface and categorization by genre, season, and popularity make finding your favorite anime a breeze. Although it does have ads, a premium version is available for an ad-free experience and additional features.

3. Chia-Anime

Best Anime Websites

Chia-Anime is another popular anime website that offers a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Users can watch the most recent and all-time favorite anime like Hero Academia, One-piece, Dragon Ball, Kokora, etc. as soon as they air in Japan. Chia-Anime also allows users to download anime for offline viewing and offers free dubbed versions. However, the website has pop-up ads.

4. Kissanime.ru

Best Anime Websites

Kissanime.ru is one of the largest anime websites worldwide, offering anime series in all categories, subbed and dubbed versions, and video quality from 240p to 1080p. It also offers the option to watch offline, and an advanced filter search. However, it may not be accessible on all devices and has ads.

5. 9anime

9anime is a fan favorite due to its high-quality streaming in 1080p and access to subbed and dubbed versions of any anime for free and without registration. However, the video player sometimes cuts off the intros, and you will not be able to download a series.

6. AnimeDao

Best Anime Websites

AnimeDao is a popular anime website that offers a smooth streaming experience and is preferred by anime lovers worldwide. It has a simple interface and allows users to adjust the video quality between 340p to 1080p depending on their internet connection speed. AnimeDao offers subbed and dubbed versions of old and latest anime series and movies. However, you might encounter ads from time to time and there is no option for downloading.

7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one of the most popular anime websites that provide fast updates for the latest anime episodes aired in Japan, just an hour after the broadcast. It offers a free version with subbed/dubbed versions, a neat category system, and compatibility on various devices, but with ads. Users can opt for a premium version to remove ads and access English audio for dubbed versions. The website is available only in New Zealand and Australia.

8. Anime-planet

Best Anime Websites

Anime-planet is yet another amazing free anime website that provides an amazing and vast collection of over 45,000 episodes of various genres like comedy, horror, and adventure. It provides users access to manga and anime databases, reviews, and recommendations by fans. The website has a cool interface designed to provide a comfortable video-watching experience on different devices, but users need to register to access its features. It has few pop-up ads but lacks specific categories for anime genres and types.

9. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is a well-known anime streaming site, offering both old and new anime series/movies for free with subbed/dubbed versions. It provides 780p or 1080p videos, easy-to-access genres, and fewer ads. However, there are some cons to this. For instance, users might not find the classic anime shows and the latest episodes might be uploaded with a delay.

10. Animefreak.tv

If you are willing to look past the barrage of ads that one sees in Animefreak.tv, there is no doubt that it is an amazing site for watching free anime shows. Not to mention that there are a million users that swear by this site. With a user-friendly interface and an attractive design, this amazing website is surely worth a try.

11. VIZ

Best Anime Websites

If you have not yet heard about VIZ, what are you doing? VIZ is a US-based manga publisher and distributor, providing subbed/dubbed versions and a vast collection of manga for 30 years. Its app is free to download on Android 2.2+ devices, offering unlimited anime streaming, community sharing, and trailers/reviews. The only con is that it might be a bit slow-loading

12. Myanimelist.net

Also known as MAL, Myanimelist.net is one of the largest databases for anime shows, mangas, and much more. What is even better is that you can also use this site for social networking. There are reviews provided for anime shows and users can also start discussions with other groups about different anime topics. While the users will have to register and pay a subscription fee to use the site, it is all worth it in the end.

13. Contv.com

Contv.com is a multiplatform streaming service that offers movies, TV series, anime, and comics. It has a wide range of genres, including horror and romance, and a user-friendly interface with various categories. Additionally, it features 24/7 live TV and a kids’ collection. Contv.com provides uncensored content, an updated anime library, and comic books and graphic novels. But if you are using the free version, the content might be a bit limited.

14. Asian Crush

Best Anime Websites

Asian Crush is a streaming platform that caters to fans of Asian movies and dramas. It offers Chinese martial arts, Japanese anime, and Korean dramas. It has a blog that provides news updates on the Asian entertainment industry. Asian Crush is compatible with all devices, including Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire, and allows for the filtering of content by genre, region, or theme. It also features categorized collections such as award-winning films and bad romances. However, there are so ads that might be a bit annoying for viewers.

15. Nico Nico

What makes this amazing anime website different from others is that there is a comment feature on the website. All the comments are properly synced to ensure that the viewers are able to watch it while watching the anime. There are anime illustrations, e-books, and manga comics on the site as well. You might have to face the occasional ads but it is definitely worth a try.

16. Soul Anime

Best Anime Websites

Did you know that Soul Anime provides more than 4000 different anime series online and that too for free? This is what makes it one of the best and largest contributors to the anime world. Subbed and dubbed anime versions are also available. Not to mention that you will be able to download the videos as well. There are some occasion ad pop-ups, though.

17. AnimeTake.tv

With a much more amazing and comprehensive collection of different anime shows and series, AnimeTake.tv is on our list as one of the best sites to watch anime shows. There are the latest notifications that viewers can get. Plus the anime shows are all organized in alphabetical order for easy access. However, there are some ads that might annoy you from time to time.

18. AniPlus Asia

Best Anime Websites

AniPlus Asia is an anime-focused online platform. It offers a free one-month trial and has an anime merchandise store. Members can build or join an anime lovers community and get priority access to giveaways and anime-related events and games. It is available on multiple platforms, but there are pop-up ads. Also, you might have to get a membership after exhausting your monthly free trial.

19. Tubi.tv

Tubi.tv is the champion of streaming platforms – it’s completely free! You can watch movies, TV shows, and anime in high quality without spending a single penny. Plus, you can bookmark your favorites to watch later and pick up where you left off on any device. The only downside is that there are no specific anime categories for search, and you’ll have to sit through ads every 15 minutes.

20. MidNight.Pulp

Best Anime Websites

MidNight.Pulp is a virtual hub for horror and sci-fi fans with a vast collection of rare and hard-to-find anime series. The site offers free online anime viewing, but you can opt for a premium ad-free version for $5/month. You can also filter the search by year, and the site has a weekly update of episodes. The cons are that you might not find that much content in the free version and you also have to log in every single time you come back after exiting.

Wrapping Up,

Animes are not just cartoon shows meant for children. They instill a sense of hope, positivity, and optimism in people. That is why it is so much more important to watch these shows because they give you such a boost in confidence. Go ahead and check out these free and paid anime websites to watch your shows online without any hassle.