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Fresh Canadian Gambling Stats


In recent years, a great number of countries have legalized online gambling for their residents. Canadians are not an exception in this regard. Like other people, they like to spend time on the Internet and are looking for a portion of thrill. Luckily, there are no obstacles for gaming fans.

At the moment, gambling is completely legal in Canada. Advances in technology have made online casinos popular entertainment in this country, with an audience of nearly 20 million Canadians. This number of players places this country in 8th place in the world when it comes to online gambling popularization. The industry is responsible for 135,000 full-time jobs and is worth over $ 15 billion. This is what a Canadian Gaming Association report states.

The Most Popular Types of Gambling

Lotteries are by far the most well-loved gambling entertainment in Canada, with 50% of the local population taking part in the lottery activities in the past year. The most popular lotteries are scratch tickets and raffles, closely followed by casinos (both physical and online). Lotto is at the very bottom of the list, accounting for just 3.1% of the market. Poker and horse betting boasts an equally small percentage – 3.5% and 3.6%, respectively.

Canadian Gambling

Thus, online gambling is the third most popular sector in Canada. Traditional offline casinos are becoming less popular. Thus, all Canadian casinos report revenue declines even before the 2020 lockdown. Due to this, the country’s government decided to launch its own online casinos in an attempt to fill the revenue gap.

Demographics of Casino Players

Online casino statistics in Canada are fairly average, with men accounting for 57% of the entire gambling base, while 43% of all gamblers are women. It is interesting to note that females are more likely to use mobile devices for gambling at a $10 deposit casinos than men. Thus, 55% of all women use their phones to play games. When it comes to the age groups, online casinos are most popular among the 18-34 age group. If you are one of those looking for the greatest online gambling venues, then NativeCasinos.ca can provide you with the best options.

How Much Does the Industry Make?

Total gambling revenue in Canada last year was $ 2.65 billion, with more than $ 1.2 billion coming from the online gaming sector. While this is a booming figure, it is estimated that most of the revenue is lost due to complex gambling regulations. The latter states that every gambling provider needs to be licensed by the government in order to operate in this niche. When it comes to online casino per capita spending, Canadians spend more than gamblers in North America and Great Britain, which is an impressive $ 824.68 per year.

Online Casino Legality

In the early 1970s, the Canadian government decided to decentralize gambling legislation. After that, the regulation of the gambling market began to be carried out by each province separately by creating a special governing body. This operating model continues to work today. Some provinces are still passing laws that relate to online gaming, sports betting, and other gambling activities.

The regulatory body overseeing the entire industry at the country level is the Canadian Gaming Commission. The authority makes sure that the gambling sector is properly understood and that there is communication between the government, the media, and the public.

Online Casino Laws

There are no specific laws in Canada that directly relate to online gambling. It is important to know that online casino players are not exposed to any legal risk. They can easily take advantage of all the online casinos: receive bonuses for registering in a casino, free spins, participating in promotions, etc.

Another important fact is that online gambling winnings are not taxed until they are considered full-time jobs. In other words, if you play at an online casino for entertainment purposes, you will not have to pay any taxes on your winnings. On the other hand, online casinos operating but not licensed in Canada are considered illegal. But in general, the country’s legislation does not prohibit gambling at offshore online casinos, and most of them allow Canadian players.

Sports Betting Laws

Sports betting laws in Canada are not straightforward. Federal law expressly prohibits making single bets (1 event) on sports outcomes. Therefore, this type of bet is prohibited throughout the country. However, in many provinces, players can place bets on express bets (2 or more events) available at lottery dealers. But their odds are much lower compared to the line of bookmakers, and, accordingly, much lower potential profit can be obtained.

Lottery and Bingo Laws

Despite the fact that casinos and sports betting are the most popular gambling activities in Canada, there is a significant number of players who prefer lotteries and bingo. The latter is regulated at the provincial level. However, as an exception, provincial governments have launched a nationwide lottery with prizes of eight figures. Canadian lottery laws allow you to register an online account and buy tickets online. It is worth noting that the popularity of bingo games is declining mainly due to the fact that many bingo rooms are closed. However, online bingo has become an excellent alternative to land-based establishments.

Canadian Gambling

The Future of the Industry

Due to the closure of traditional casinos due to the global pandemic, players around the world are switching to online betting options. And Canadians are no different from them. However, this transition began long before the pandemic. For those players who miss the real physical casino atmosphere, there is a wide range of video casinos available online. You can interact with the dealer in real-time via video streaming. Looking ahead, we can say that VR technologies will be actively used in this area, and now everything is moving in this direction.

The Canadian government has tried to completely legalize online gambling. But work on bill C-218 has been suspended. The Canadian Parliament has shifted its attention to more urgent matters due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, Canadians should not expect any tightening of the law and a ban on playing online games in the near future.

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