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Harnessing Marketing’s Development Boom

Harnessing Marketing

Nobody could have easily perceived the rapidity with which marketing would change from its old form to the ultra-digitized, 24/7 version of today, but innovators have tried their best. What is now being seen is what The Drum have termed a programmatic boom, with money flooding into the technology side of a market brimming with new tools and methods to get the most out of marketing campaigns. With this disruption has come opportunity, and businesses who are willing to go the extra mile to hone their edge in regards to technology can find many ways to profit – as the big players have shown.

Cross compatible future

Cross-compatibility is at the fore of the modern marketing space – this isn’t news to most professionals. Where things have changed is in the sheer focus placed on the standard. A LinkedIn Pulse focus of Shopify highlighted how certain brands who pushed money and innovation into their cross-compatibility profited massively when it came to a key metric – conversion rate optimization (CRO). The process of turning traffic into sales has seen huge development through cross-compatibility which ensures traffic from any potential source has the opportunity to make a purchase. With the implementation of new Apple iOS privacy standards that are being mapped out across other major brands, this is a trend not set to go away any time soon.

Privacy concerns

Many innovations in marketing have been driven by the privacy concerns raised by the public and then reflected in legislation. How ads are tracked and how they are then deployed with that data is changing; this has seen giants like Google backtrack on previous advertising standards and looks for new ways to implement their technology. This has led to perhaps the key marketing trend of the era – the resurrection and the inexorable rise of adtech. Once consigned to a lesser place among the other principles of digital marketing, adtech is driving forward the next phase in marketing and advertising.

The rise of adtech

Adtech has always been in development, of course, but perhaps hit its peak around the time AdSense becoming widespread. With ads changing, Insider magazine has highlighted its newfound purpose in the modern marketing world. Content outside of the conventional channels of search engines and local search are becoming once again important. New tools are required to reliably bring in traffic, analyze it, and convert it, tools that were previously comfortable and safe within the realms of the digital marketing and SEO sphere. Now, innovators are finding ways to drive new traffic through the SEO process and ensure that businesses are taking the biggest slice of the market whenever possible.

This is important, given the huge amounts of money being plunged into digital marketing – estimated at over $350 billion by CNBC. Saying ahead is incredibly difficult, even when led forward by the trends defined in Google and their peers’ market actions. Staying awake to the promises of this technology, and where it’ll point next, is crucial.

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