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How Much Does a Wheelchair Cost?

Wheelchair Cost

Wheelchairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wheelchair for elderly people is able to accommodate the needs of seniors with different physical abilities. If you’re looking for wheelchair prices, then this article will give you all that information.

What Is a Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is an aid vehicle for elderly people that is designed to help the user move around. Wheelchairs are made using different materials and they can be adjusted to several positions depending on their use. For example, new power wheelchairs may have footrests or neck rests in order to provide comfort when sitting down or standing up.

The Benefits of a Wheelchair

A wheelchair helps to maintain an active life for people with physical disabilities. In addition, wheelchairs reduce the risk of health problems such as blood clots and pneumonia due to immobility. For elderly users, a wheelchair means being able to stay connected to their community by going out more often. As they can now move around independently.

While sitting in a wheelchair, your flexibility is increased. At the same time, the risk of falling down is decreased in such a case. Another perk is the wheelchair design. They are usually lightweight and foldable. This makes them easy to carry and transport. Wheelchairs for seniors are compact enough to be able to get to narrow spaces and move around.

Depending on the needs of your aging parents, you should consider various types of a wheelchair.

The Common Types of Wheelchairs

The wheelchair is made up of three types: manual, electric, and self-propelled.

Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are operated by pushing the wheelchair by using your hands. If you or your parent still has enough strength to push a wheelchair, it might make a good choice. Such wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to transport.

Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs provide more independent movement with a motor. It can be controlled through levers or buttons located on armrests. The electric wheelchair is powered by a battery and controlled through joysticks. They are easy-to-use wheelchairs that can be very helpful for seniors with mobility issues.

The drawback of this wheelchair type is its price due to the fact that they need to purchase batteries regularly. It’s important to check whether there are any special perks such as free replacement batteries included in the package when buying an electric wheelchair.

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Self-propelled wheelchair users only need to use their arms (and sometimes their head) in order to move forward and backward without having to touch any controls. This wheelchair makes use of motors and works similarly to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Self-propelled wheelchairs provide more freedom compared to the manual since they allow you to drive them faster and travel longer distances.

How Much Does a Wheelchair Cost?

The average cost of a wheelchair for elderly people is $400. The price of a wheelchair greatly depends on its features and the materials used in manufacturing it. Whether they are plastic, aluminum, or steel. The more expensive wheelchairs have added perks. These are free replacement batteries included, a wheelchair cover, and more.

Some wheelchairs also include a headrest pillow and seatbelt for the extra safety of your loved one. On average, manual wheelchairs cost around $300. While power-operated wheelchair prices go up to $800. The price depends on the brand and model you choose. Self-propelled wheelchairs cost up to $600.

Wheelchair Accessories Cost – Additional Costs You May Have to Consider

  • You may need shoulder pads that cost about $40 per pair if your parent has limited movement of their arms.
  • Hospital bed rails can be purchased for $80. And wheelchair armrest pads cost around $20 each.
  • Wheelchair repair: if your wheelchair gets damaged, you may need to pay a fee of about $200 or more. It depends on how much it is needed that the wheelchair looks new again. This cost will also depend on which parts are broken in the wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair rental: some wheelchair manufacturers offer wheelchair rental services for about $40 per month.
  • Overnight wheelchair service costs. Most hospitals are equipped with wheelchair service that can come to your home and pick up or deliver a wheelchair no matter what time it is. If you need overnight wheelchair service, expect to pay around $80 for each visit. This might not be necessary if the person has another way of getting out at night like using crutches.


It is important to be able to provide a wheelchair for those who need one. If you or someone in your family has been unable to walk, then this article may have helped you understand the cost of wheelchairs and how they can help people live more comfortably. We hope that we’ve provided some helpful insights into what it takes to make sure as many people as possible are able to afford a wheelchair when needed.