How to Change Name Colour in Discord

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that’s used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. Here we will How to Change name Colour in Discord?

People use Discord daily to talk about many things, ranging from art projects and family trips to homework and mental health support. It’s a home for communities of any size, but it’s most widely used by small and active groups of people who talk regularly.

The vast majority of servers are private, invite-only spaces for groups of friends and communities to stay in touch and spend time together. There are also larger, more open communities, generally centred around specific topics such as popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite. All conversations are opt-in, so people have total control over who they interact with and what their experience on Discord is.

People love Discord because it’s a home for all their communities and groups of friends. It’s a place where they can be themselves and spend time with other people who share their interests and hobbies. There’s no algorithm deciding what they should see, no endless scrolling, and no news feed. Conversations on Discord are driven by shared interests.

Change Name Colour in Discord

If you use Discord, you probably noticed some users writing with different colour names. Now, this is a cool feature that would take anyone’s attention. No wonder why you are drawn to it. If you are looking for a guide that will show you how to change the colour, look no further. We have made the simplest guide with easy steps to follow. You will learn how to change the colour in no time.

But, before we step into the guide, there is something to mention first. The only way you can change the colour of your discord name is by adding roles. But, for that, you have to be the one who creates a server to have admin privileges. If you don’t have a server, you can’t change the colour of your name.

The colour helps you differentiate the people on your server. By giving them roles, you can have better control of your server. It is a good way of keeping everything in order in the chat. And it looks nice.

In other words, without administrator privilege, you can’t do it.  If you’ve already created your server and you want to change the colour of your or any other person’s name, here is how you can do it. Follow these simple steps and you will change the colour in a matter of seconds.

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Here is a guide to change the colour of your username on Discord Server:

  • Visit the discord website and Sign in with your Credentials or open your Discord desktop App.
  • Right-click on your server to explore extra options. Here you will see a new pop up menu with options, Select “Server Settings” from the menu, and then click on “Roles”.

Change Name Colour in Discord

  • Here you can create different roles for your users on the server. For example, you can add roles such as Admin, Moderator, Support staff, Technical, Users, etc. To add Roles in your Discord Server, click on the “+” sign where it says Roles. In our example, we are using Admin as a role. You can also customize the colour for roles in this option only. Head over to Role Colour and select the appropriate colour for that Role.

Change Name Colour in Discord

  • Finally, Click on the “Members” option under “User Management“.

Change Name Colour in Discord

  • On the Members tab, click on the “+” Sign in front of the member’s name to Assign Role to that member.

Change Name Colour in Discord

  • Here you will see a list of available Roles along with the Assigned colour to it. Click on the Role that you want to assign to that specific user and it will do the rest. As you can see in the image below that the “Admin” role has been assigned to the user along with its colour.


As you can see, to change the colour of your name or anyone’s name, you need administrative privileges. For that, you need to create a server and assign roles. That’s where this guide can help. If you follow all the steps, you will change the colour very quickly. It’s a piece of cake. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.