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How to Make an Animated Explainer Video Online for Free?

Animated Explainer Video Online for Free

Animation is everywhere, especially online. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with video playing an important role in grabbing the attention of the audience.

 Your business needs one too, even if it may seem out of your budget. There are free animated video makers that provide free service to create an animated explainer video so you can start using this valuable marketing tool without paying a single cent.

It is similar to infographics, but animated explainer videos are more engaging and informative which allows the audience to retain the information conveyed better.

This type of media can turn prospects into customers by providing them valuable insights about your products or services while being entertaining at the same time.

However, you have to be wary of where you get this free service because there are some sites that may demand a fee after their trial period.

Don’t worry though, because we have done the tedious task of finding genuine and reliable websites that let you create an explainer video for free. In fact, they also provide all the tools and resources needed to make your own promotional animation complete with background music and a professional voice-over if you want one added to your project.

All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guidelines provided by each site, which is another great advantage it can offer.

Animated Explainer Video Online for Free

 How to make an animated explainer video in easy steps

1) Storyboard Your Story

The first step to making an explainer video is to decide on the story you want to convey. What is your objective? What action do you want the audience to take? Who is your target market and what can they benefit from in terms of information and education? Your script should answer these questions, but don’t worry if it doesn’t because professional writing services are also available online for a fee. If you feel that you have exceptional writing skills then just go ahead and write your own script, but remember that simplicity will always be best.

2) Voice-over Your Script

After finishing your script, the next thing you have to do is upload it to your chosen free service. Once that’s done, then you can proceed with recording the voice-over because animated explainer videos need voices as well—sometimes even background music too.

If the quality of the voice uploaded is poor, then it will be reflected in the final product as well. This could be due to how it was recorded, or maybe because of its volume and type; no matter what the case may be, there are still viable solutions available such as getting a different speaker or having this done by a professional instead. It could also sound like an amateur recording which would also not make for a good product.

3) Animation and Production

The next thing to do is choose the look and feel of the animations that will be used in your video. There are numerous options available such as 2D or 3D computer animation, etc. which you should determine depending on your particular preferences, aims, budget, and timeline.

You can also add special effects or use character development if there is a big enough demand for it because these have to be paid for. The same goes with background music if you want one added to your explainer video.

There are some websites though that give free song downloads so this would not really require paying anything at all aside from giving attribution to its creator when your animated explainer video has been published online via its website.

4) Publishing and Promotion

After completing your video, all that’s left to do is post it on one of its free channels such as YouTube or Facebook because that will allow you to reach more people and get better results.

Just be sure to use relevant keywords in your title to entice viewers into clicking the play button; the same applies for tagging if you want your explainer video’s potential audience to be able to find it too.

You can also add a link back to your own site so that once the viewer has watched it they would already be aware of what you are offering and could possibly purchase something from this point onwards.

This helps make marketing easier and affordable because there is no need for additional advertising costs when using promotional methods like this.

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