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How To Remove Unnecessary Programs and Toolbars Using IObit Uninstaller 10?

IObit Uninstaller 10

Are you fed up with unwanted bundleware and browser toolbars, and want to uninstall them conveniently?  IObit Uninstaller 10 is there to pace up the uninstallation process of the files. This article will guide you about the practical steps to use it for FREE.

Practical Steps to Remove Unnecessary Programs and Toolbars

Step #01: 

Download the IObit Uninstaller 10 to your PC from the IObit official website and double-click the downloaded IObit Uninstaller-setup.exe to start the installation process.

Step #02:

Agree with the rules and regulations related to the privacy policy and other program policies. And then click on the “Next” button. Wait, and the program will soon start to install. After the successful installation, click on the “Finish.”

Step #03:

The screen will appear with the details of all the programs that your computer has. Choose the unnecessary ones and uninstall them. It supports a batch uninstall that removes all the programs with a single click. For this purpose, select the unwanted programs, browser toolbars or Windows built-in apps and click on the “Uninstall” option. Before uninstallation, it will again ask you whether or not you want to uninstall a program. Click on “Uninstall” again if you want to remove it.

Step #04:

Wait until the program is uninstalled. After the installation of the program, click on the ”Close” option.

Remember that it may ask you further questions if the residues of the deleted program are left. It is up to you to keep them or uninstall them as well.  If you want to remove everything related to the uninstalled program, Click on the “Delete” option, and you are done. However, remember that you can access minor residual removal with the pro version.

IObit Uninstaller 10

IObit Uninstaller 10

Notable Features Of IObit Uninstaller 10

  • IObit Uninstaller10 is the latest version and can increase the uninstall speed by more than 50%.
  • The software is designed with a detailed scanned algorithm that provides 30% more thorough and efficient residual uninstallation.
  • With the latest version 10, you will no longer be receiving blocking notifications now and then. Let the software handle everything.
  • It has a pre-built system to detect infrequently used apps.
  • Has the ability to uninstall more than 40 software.

FAQs About IObit Uninstaller 10

Q: Is IObit Uninstaller 10 free, or is it paid?

A: Yes. IObit Uninstaller 10 is available to download and use for FREE. However, more advanced features are available such as deeper uninstallation of the residual files.

Q: Will IObit Uninstaller 9 still work after the release of IObit Uninstaller 10?

A: IObit Uninstaller 9 will still work, but you can choose to update to IObit Uninstaller 10 if you like its new and improved features.

Q: Can I use IObit Uninstaller 10 on Windows 10?

A: Yes. IObit Uninstaller 10 is perfectly compatible and works excellently with Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.

In this detailed guide, you can understand how to uninstall unnecessary programs, toolbars, and Windows built-in apps using IObit Uninstaller 10. Try the free software now.