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Messages vs Messages+ Which Android Messaging App is the Best?

Messages vs Messages+

Text messaging, or SMS, has been a vital and distinguishing aspect of the mobile phone revolution from its inception. Text messaging’s capabilities expanded over time, and it began to offer a lot more. Initially, it was only text messages with a limited number of characters, then MMS, and then audio and video file sharing.

The smartphone revolution ushered in a paradigm shift in the way SMS and MMS platforms are managed. Everyone is offering messaging apps that go beyond what was previously conceivable, from OS and OEM to service providers.

Android Messages (now Google Messages), Verizon Messages (now Message+), and Samsung Messages are the most popular apps in this category. Android devices have the biggest market share, as more and more OEMs choose the OS for a variety of reasons. Despite the platform’s versatility, many manufacturers stick to core OS characteristics that aid in the seamless operation of their devices.

Best Android messaging app

The most active and largest service provider, Verizon, comes in second. With exclusive agreements with practically all manufacturers, the company goes above and above to assist its consumers. Messages are one such service that has proven to be popular among its members.

Then there’s Samsung, the world’s largest OEM. It’s fair to say that Samsung and Android are inextricably linked. As a result, the company has the ability to create the majority of its apps in-house. If you own a Galaxy S10 or even a Galaxy S9, you’re probably enjoying a better user experience thanks to these customized apps. On all Samsung devices, Samsung Messages is the default app.

These apps and their features are so good that they compete with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in some areas. Let’s have a look at these three primary messaging apps and see which one is the best Android messaging app.

Messages vs Messages+

Let’s take a look at Android Messages vs. Samsung Message vs. Message+ now.

Android Messages

Messages vs Messages+

This is the official Google SMS, MMS, and RCS app (chat). You can interact with anyone, anytime, from anywhere, thanks to its simple, intuitive, and comfy design. The software combines the reliability of texting with the richness of chatting, allowing users to send individual and group text messages, as well as exchange photographs, GIFs, emoticons, stickers, videos, and music. It has a quick notification capability as well as a smart reply option.

The app also has a dark mode that makes it easier to use in low light. Aside from multimedia, Android Messages also allows you to send and receive payments via Google Pay. The app’s excellent search is one of its standout features. The whole messaging history of a specific contact can be accessed by simply hitting the search symbol and selecting that contact. Application connectivity over Wifi or data networks is also supported by some carriers. You can see when your friends are typing, receive read receipts, exchange higher-quality photographs and videos, and much more with this.

Messages debuted with Android 5.0 – Lollipop and have been available ever since. The majority of Android phones and tablets run on a version of Android that is higher than the default.


  • User interface that is simple and easy to use
  • Improved interoperability with other apps
  • Being a part of the Google suite is beneficial.


  • The small input field makes it tough to alter messages.
  • Some carriers have disabled chat features on specific brands.
  • Message blocking isn’t available.

Verizon Messages (Message+)

Messages vs Messages+

Verizon Messages is a text messaging program that allows you to sync your messages across all of your devices. If you have an Android phone, a tablet, and a computer, you may use the app to sync all of your messages. With Message+, you may make and receive calls on your iPad. You may effortlessly communicate with family, friends, and coworkers individually or in groups using customizable dialogues. The eGift Cards feature is the nicest aspect of the app. From within the discussions, Message+ gives you access to extra capabilities. Yahoo Media Search, Glympse, Yelp, Kanvas, and others are among the features available. The app also includes features such as location monitoring, public profile engagement, and driving mode.

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So, what’s the point of having two apps? What is the distinction between Verizon Messages and Verizon Message+? Android OS 4.2 was used to launch the app. After the release of Android 8.0, the app received a big revamp and was renamed Message+. As the name implies, the latter adds certain new functionality to support chats that were previously unavailable.


  • Message sync across devices
  • Works of all device platforms
  • Feature-rich with support for WiFi


  • Only works if you have an American phone number.
  • Support for the Galaxy S9 and S10 is difficult to come by.
  • For RCS (chatting) to work, both parties must have the app installed.

Samsung Messages

Messages vs Messages+

On all Samsung-certified devices, Samsung Messages is the default tool for sending and receiving text messages. Users may send SMS, MMS, and even chat messages using the app, which is convenient, safe, and easy to use. The best thing is that all of the features are preinstalled, and users do not need to register for any additional service features. This is a feature-rich program that gives users access to text and multimedia communications, as well as extended search, blocking and safeguarding messages, dual-SIM compatibility, URL previews, and Talkback support. Because Samsung has usually developed the majority of its devices’ applications, the integrations and operations are perfect.


  • Message sync across devices
  • Feature-rich with support for WiFi


  • Many features are device-dependent, work on Samsung devices
  • Weak support for desktop browsers

After going over all of the capabilities that each of these apps has to offer, we can see that there isn’t much of a difference in that regard. Outside of a certain brand or carrier, it all comes down to user experience and support. In light of this, Android Messages appears to be the clear winner. With compatibility for a variety of devices and carriers, it’s worth giving each of the apps a shot.

We hope you found our Google Messages vs Messages Plus vs Samsung Messages comparison useful.