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New Superfood: Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Products Are Gaining Popularity

Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Products

Cannabidiol-based soft drinks, cocktails, and foods are becoming more popular, and because they are not psychoactive, they can be sold legally just like hemp seeds. Manufacturers in different countries add CBD infusion to drinks already familiar to the consumer — coconut water, cold coffee, fruit juices, even wine, as well as protein bars and other snacks.

Marketing strategies for such products are usually built with the obligatory mention of an unusual ingredient and the use of words such as “relaxation”, “calmness”, “recovery” primarily because scientists suggest that cannabidiol can reduce anxiety and even relieve pain. Can CBD be considered a new superfood?  Let’s find out!

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Unlike in the Delta 8 product line containing THC, the absence of a psychoactive effect in cannabidiol has been proven. Interestingly, cannabidiol accounts for up to 40% of the composition of the hemp extract. Until now, CBD has been used to treat certain diseases and conditions, for example, it is included in the drug to resist epilepsy. The legal aspect of the use of cannabidiol in food and beverages varies from country to country. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) did not include CBD on its list of banned substances, while all other cannabinoids are banned. Meanwhile, since 2017, WHO has recommended the exclusion of cannabidiol from the list of controlled substances.

New Food Type

In 2019, the European Commission classified cannabidiol as a “new food type” — this definition includes all products that do not have a history of production and consumption in the EU countries before May 15, 1997, and currently must undergo a safety assessment, and their production can take place based on EU approval.

This year Bulgaria became the first European country to allow the retail sale of CBD foods. In Switzerland, cannabidiol is not subject to the drug law, so products containing cannabidiol are legal. In particular, one of the most famous CBD drinks is made in Switzerland. In the UK, such products are also considered “new” and require a safety assessment and approval for sale alongside the Delta 8 concentrates. Meanwhile, the UK brands of CBD drinks and products are leaders in this market.

Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Products

What Is Going on in Northern America?

In Canada, there are debates about adding CBD as a dietary supplement to the list of permitted ingredients. In the United States, however, it is approved for use in the medical and cosmetic industry, but only 16 states CBD can be freely sold as part of food and beverage products. But the choice of products there is really large, and cannabidiol is considered a new superfood and an extremely fashionable ingredient. Amid the pandemic, the demand for cannabidiol drinks has grown in countries where it can be sold freely, precisely because of its likely relaxing and calming effect.

The cannabidiol food market is really growing rapidly, and most likely its participants in different countries will lobby the idea of CBD as a useful dietary supplement, as well as sponsor additional research on this topic.