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One of the worst tennis injuries ever

worst tennis injuries

Sadly, tennis players are not immune to injury. Kabaddi players aren’t either, but they can still play fantastic matches, and the kabaddi score online offered by 1xBet allows punters to see how they are doing.

The case of former French tennis player Julien Benneteau was really unlucky. On the 20th of April 2012, he suffered one of the most bizarre injuries in the history of the sport. In a match against Andy Murray, he faced an unfortunate circumstance that forced him to miss many weeks of action. Some highly detailed online kabaddi and tennis scores can be found on 1xBet, where the best players of either discipline always feature.

worst tennis injuries

Trying to hit a ball

This injury suffered by the Frenchman took place in the 2012 edition of the Monte Carlo tournament. As said before, Andy Murray was his opponent. The match was quite even. The British player hit a ball that was almost unreachable for Benneteau. But of course, he tried his absolute best to still hit it. The best sports betting sites for online kabaddi are the ones provided by 1xBet, and they can be used for wagering on the most determined performers.

The French player hit the ball, but he quickly tripped and fell to the clay surface. It was immediately clear that something was wrong, as he laid on the surface without moving. The umpire and Murray approached him to see if he was okay, but he immediately stated that apparently, he broke his elbow. Some players make spectacular recoveries, and the best sports betting sites for making online kabaddi betting are 1xBet, where wagers on them can be made.

The ankle too

Even more unfortunately for Julien Benneteau, his ankle was also hurt due to the tripping that caused his broken elbow. Obviously, he was forced to retire from the match and the tournament. Some medical assessments made to him afterward confirmed that he suffered a broken elbow and a sprained ankle. The https://1xbet.in/line/tennis can always be used to wager on various players who make spectacular comebacks after suffering injuries.

The Frenchman’s calendar was in serious danger after these injuries. He risked missing many tournaments, such as:

  • the French Open of that year;
  • a Davis Cup series with the French team;
  • and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Benneteau began his recovery process immediately. Only a few weeks after the injuries he was already back in training. Thanks to the great job made by himself and his medical team, he was able to reach those tournaments just in time. All kinds of tennis competitions are featured on 1xBet, where punters can wager on all their matches.