Ranking the Best Apple Watch Series

Ranking the Best Apple Watch Series

Whether you wear one or not, most people agree that smartwatches are more than just a fashion accessory. They are miniature modern computers wearable in the form of a wristwatch. These watches tell more than just accurate time or serve as alarm clocks, they offer a user interface with a touchscreen and can perform a host of tasks, including game-playing, FM radio, media players, and so on.

Modern smartwatches can go as far as using mobile apps, mobile operating systems, as well as cellular functions, and many more. Since Apple announced its first smartwatch in 2015, the company has been the industry leader in terms of wristwatch technology, with some of these wristwatches offering benefits in terms of health, sports, and GPS tracking. While Spain led the world in smartwatch adoption in 2016, the North American market is now considered the most stable smartwatch market. In Spain, they became popular because they were fashionable and trendy, but in the United States, smartwatches are popular because of their real-time self-tracking and monitoring capabilities. About 20% of adults in the United States say they wear a smartwatch on a regular basis, and there are no significant differences between men and women when it comes to using a smartwatch as a fitness tracker. In Australia, where the smartwatch “casinos” is on the rise, readers of a casino industry website were asked if they would consider using their smartwatch as a gaming device. Despite admitting to gambling at least once a week on their phone or PC, very few women across all age groups said they would consider using their smartwatch as a gaming device. Men under the age of 40 however, were nearly unanimous in their support for using their smartwatch for gaming or betting.

A high-quality Apple Watch, like many other electronic products, is not cheap. Especially if you’re looking for a watch that can complement any iPhone while also allowing you to explore your phone and other interesting features from your wrist.

Here are the best Apple watches on the market right now, with technology that will not let you down whether you want to use your watch as a fitness tracker, communicator, or gaming device. Let’s take a closer look;

Apple Watch (1st Generation)

The first of the Apple Watch series was released back in 2015 to divided opinion, while some praised the idea of pairing the wristwatch with an iPhone (especially the iPhone 6), others simply disliked it. However, it was made by Apple and was the first of many, and a lot of fans were excited to see what would follow. The 1st generation Apple Watch came in two screen sizes; the 38mm, with the 1.34in AMOLED capacitive display (272 x 340 pixels) and the 1.54in AMOLED capacitive display (312 x 390 pixels).

The 1st generation also came with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal memory and 2GB available for music and 75MB for pictures which was somewhat disappointing considering its price and limited availability at that point. Trying to get a new Apple Watch (1st generation) is impossible, as the product is not in production, leaving potential buys scrapping for used ones. Price currently unavailable.

Apple Watch Series 1

Released in December 2016, the Apple Watch Series 1 share a lot of similarities with its predecessor (1st generation), but with an Aluminum casing and a Retina OLED display. Unlike the 1st generation that ran a stripped-down version of the iOS 8, the Series 1 has the watchOS 3.0 and was upgradable to 6.2.8.

The Apple Watch Series 1 had a battery that offered up to 18hrs of mixed usage and 512MB RAM to go along with its 8GB RAM like its predecessor. The Series 1 was sold at the price of around €300 on release but has since been discontinued.

Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 was released a few months after the Series 1, with the phone manufacturers deciding to abandon the aluminum casing of its predecessor. With a stainless steel frame and a ceramic crystal back, Series 2 is resistant to water at about the 50 meters mark. Its Dual-core 780 MHz Cortex-A7 ensures it’s much faster than the Series 1, although both share similarities in RAM and internal memory.

The Series 2 added some exciting features like heart rate, accelerometer, natural language commands, and dictation, showing Apple’s willingness to make constant improvements and upgrades. The price of the Series at release was €700 but the product itself has been discontinued.

Apple Watch Series 5

Despite the addition of the heart rate (2nd generation) technology, the Series 5 failed to live up to the excitement. The watch was released during the fall of 2019 and over little improvements on previous versions despite a price increase. However, an increase in RAM and storage (1GB, 32GB), coupled with the Retina LTPO OLED display turned out to be welcomed additions. The Apple Watch Series is still available in the market at a price range of $399 to $499.

Apple Watch Series 3

Series 3 saw the addition of eSIM to the Apple Watch series, whilst maintaining the majority of the features from its predecessor. There was also an increase in RAM and internal memory, with the Series boasting a RAM of 768MB and a 16GB internal memory space. Configured with the usual Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and WLAN capabilities, this watch also had the 4G LTE network option for the eSIM. The Series 3 currently sells at a price range of $199 to $229.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE comes in three different variations, like most of the watches in the series and the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Studio, and Apple Watch Nike. Released last September to a host of positive reviews from fans of the Apple Watch series, the SE has a lot of features in common with the Apple Watch Series 5 but for a much lower price starting at $279. It possesses a huge App Library, a very responsive and large touchscreen with a brighter display. The lack of an always-on ECG display dampens the mood but doesn’t do enough to stop the Apple Watch SE from hitting the very top of smartwatches.

Apple Watch Series 6

While its predecessors could boast of water-resistance capacity at just 50 meters, the Series 6 is swim-proof. With an always-on bright display, the watchOS 7, and very fast charging the Series 6 is the best Apple Watch in the market today, though, many hoped Apple would have increased the ever-constant 18-hour battery life other watches have always had. The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399 for the 40mm size and $429 for the 45mm.

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