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Roku.com/link is excited to introduce you to the next level of entertainment. A vast diversity of entertainment is available on both free and paid channels, all of which may be viewed on your television. Thousands of channels, millions of hours of entertainment, something for everyone, anytime and wherever. The support team will ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and that any questions you may have are answered to your complete satisfaction.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions and issues for your convenience.

How can I turn on my Roku TV?

Alerts and pointers While you first start utilizing Roku.com/link, you may need to set up certain details when selecting a channel. This solitary, however, should only be completed once. You may also discover that some Roku.com/link media providers are free, while others cost subscriptions and some employ compensation for each use while analyzing the model.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your Roku streaming player. Then, once you’ve completed the above steps, your Roku device will successfully connect to your TV and be ready to stream.

Getting a Roku gadget might be an excellent alternative if you want to go from cable or satellite to a streaming TV arrangement or if you want to get rid of the dreadful interface that comes standard with your smart TV. Not only can you stream your favorite movies and TV episodes from a variety of well-known membership channels using Roku streaming players, but you can also use these devices to access the Internet and social networking sites. Furthermore, these streaming devices may be used with almost any TV and do not require the use of a computer to stream. Regardless, while there are numerous companies that can help you set up a Roku connection, there are still some.

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How can you fix your Roku account if you don’t have the Roku code?

However, these concerns are discouraging because the vast majority of them may be efficiently resolved at home with simple straightforward developments. The most common Roku enactment issues and how to fix them are listed below.

The software stalling out on the connection code page is one of the most generally recognized issues while using a Roku device. If you notice a problem after entering the connection code, double-check that you entered the code correctly. For instance, you may have made a composition error when entering the code, or you may have encountered other issues such as a lack of organization or a framework flaw. In any case, if this doesn’t work, go back to your Roku streaming device and press the start button on the remote, then select the acquire another code option. Return to the connection code screen and enter the new code when the new connection code appears.

Unfit to sign in Having some unsatisfactory certificates, such as having some unsuitable ID and secret word, is the most frequently acknowledged excuse for not being able to sign in to your Roku account. Also, seek confirmation of your certificates before logging in, and then proceed to avoid any fights.

Roku player stuck on the connection code screen—This problem is usually caused by a slow Internet connection or a problem with the Internet association. To resolve this issue, try waiting a while after entering the actuation code at the connection code page, as Roku streaming player initiation may take some time. Check for any error codes on the highest point of your screen if the Roku streaming player does not function. If Error 001 and the message not associated appear in the upper right corner of your TV screen, your device isn’t connected to the Internet. To connect your Roku device to an active Internet connection, go to settings, select the organization option, and provide your WiFi username.

Ineligible to create a Roku account-

Another common issue clients encounter when turning on their Roku streaming player is not being able to create a Roku account. Before creating a Roku account, make sure you try out a few different programs on your PC or phone and delete any threats or stores.

Because the Roku streaming device has so many features, figuring out how to start it can be a little difficult. Furthermore, while there are numerous firms that may aid you with Roku interface activation, keep in mind the previously given tips and tricks for successfully activating your Roku device.

Setting It Up

Setting up a Roku account is one of the most frequently asked questions. You’ll need a valid email address, and the most important step is to enter the code at roku.com/link. Your personal account will be enabled with the help of the activation code. If you have any problems with the roku.com/link activation code, please contact our customer service team right once.

Roku TV comes ready to set and play.

When it comes to physical setup and integration of the Roku device with your existing TV, be sure the Roku device is compatible with your TV. The HDMI connection required to interface with Roku devices is available on newer Smart TVs. Older televisions, on the other hand, may require cabling. When purchasing a Roku, the specifications are crucial.

Once the physical setup is complete, following the directions on the screen to connect to the internet is simple. If you have any problems, you can always contact the support team at roku.com/link.

Everyone needs a complete Roku account in order to use the local media player and access the free content available on the Roku channel and roku.com/link to enter the code. These channels are readily available on both smart TVs and web platforms. The nicest part about the whole notion is that creating a Roku account is both free and simple. The entire notion is embedded into the guided step, making it simple to configure the Roku device. When someone uses a Samsung TV or a web browser to access the Roku channel, they have the option of creating an account. Individuals should visit the official Roku website when registering an account for the installation of that program.

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The procedure for creating a Roku account on the web browser is as follows:

Individuals need to visit Roku’s official website.

Then they must click on the sign-in button, which is located in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Then, on the right side of the website, where it says “new account,” click that button.


Individuals must click the ‘proceed‘ button after completing the account formation procedure, which includes providing their name and email address and other relevant steps, in order to gain access to their Roku account, which they can use to use the Roku device or check in to the free Roku channel.

The following is a step-by-step procedure for setting up a Roku account using the mobile app:

Individuals must download and install the rock or application on an Android or iPhone device.

They can then begin using the Roku application.

Then they can go to the lower right corner of the screen and click on more buttons.

Individuals should then click the sign-in button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. After that, one can proceed by tapping the “establish a free account” button.

Following that, users must fill out the relevant information that the application requests. Then, to create an account, click the submit button and roku.com/link create an account.


What options do I have for customizing my Roku device?

With the use of custom themes, you can make your Roku device and system your own.

  • Go to Home-> Settings-> Themes-> My Theme and look at the different options.
  • Press the OK button on your remote to select a new theme.
  • During special occasions such as Christmas, your device will automatically display seasonal themes, which will then revert to your chosen theme once the special theme has expired.

Tips on how to personalize your Roku streaming device-

If somebody wants to add a customizing feature to their Roku streaming player or device, they must follow the following tips:

Adding Channels: The Roku device comes with a variety of entertainment-packed, free, and paid channels from which users can choose. By tapping the home button, one can go to the channel store and add any of the channels. The user can then scroll up and down and select streaming channels to enter the channel shop. A list of feature channels can be found at the top of the general store, from which one can choose and explore. The entire wedding channel process is really simple.

Moving the Channels: Individuals can also add a personal touch by shifting the channel to a different spot on the home screen. Individuals must simply hover over a channel and push the start button on the remote to get all of the available options.

Changing the Theme: Individuals can also choose to change the team to give a fresh field and change the appearance of the home screen. The menus may be customized with a variety of colors and designs, giving the Roku interface a fresh new look. The Roku swimming layer includes a variety of themes that may be readily downloaded from the Roku channel shop.

Customizing Screensavers: Changing the screen savers and selecting from all of the available alternatives is another approach to add the customization factor to the Roku streaming device. The user merely needs to go to the screen savers section of the Roku general store and select the ideal one for their wants and tastes.

Adding parental control: On Roku, there are a variety of channels to choose from, and users can always add new channels to keep them out of reach of their children. Individuals can easily log in to their Roku accounts for this purpose and set a pin code by altering their pin preferences.

As a result, the methods listed above can be used very successfully to add the personalization element to the Roku streaming device.

What should I do if I’m having trouble hearing audio?

  • Double-check the wires and make sure the audio connectors are plugged into the correct sockets.
  • Check your TV’s and AVR’s sound levels to determine if they are low or on the mute option.
  • Go to Home-> Settings-> Audio to see whether your TV doesn’t support Dolby or if something similar is going on.

What should I do if the video isn’t visible?

  • Double-check that the power lines are securely attached. Check to see if the connections are active.
  • Check the TV source and make sure the Roku device and the TV are in sync.
  • Verify that the connectors are in the correct sockets and settings by consulting the handbook and the cables.
  • Before the sync settings are activated, they may need to go through a cycle. Wait for the process to finish successfully.

What should I do if I get a software update?

  • Roku devices update their software on a daily basis when new versions become available. It’s possible that you’ll get a message saying that you’re unable to update your software.
  • Manually update the program if possible.
  • If the notice persists, double-check your internet connection.
  • Examine the router and the strength of the wireless signal.
  • If the issue persists, use the Settings-> Machine-> System Reboot option to reboot the system.

What should I do if I have a power or heating problem?

Low power or overheating concerns are indicated by two types of flashing lights on your Roku device.

  • If the light in front of the Roku device is intermittently blinking red, it signals the device is running low on power and should be checked.
  • A ‘low power‘ warning appears on the screen.
  • Check the Roku device’s USB cable connection to see whether it’s defective or mediocre.
  • Switch the socket to check if the condition improves.
  • You can connect the gadget directly to a power source and use the power adapter that came with it to do so.
  • When using your Roku device, only use the original adapters and cords; other brands may not be compatible with the system.
  • If the light in front of the Roku device flashes red constantly and steadily, the device is at risk of overheating.
  • A message appears on the screen stating that “your smartphone is overheating.”
  • The best course of action is to turn off the device and unplug it from all other devices as well as the power supply.
  • Wait 10 minutes before plugging in or playing the gadget to any power source or other electronic device.

Contact LIVE Support

If you have any other problems, such as weak signals, renaming your Roku device, adding or removing your favorite channels, or any feature of roku.com/link not working, or even syncing your Roku device with your existing TV is difficult, please call us at 816-565-8480 or contact our support staff at roku.com, who are only a click away.

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How can I find new channels on Roku TV?

If you don’t have a streaming media membership with one of the big names, or if you want to see what else is available outside of your subscriptions, the Featured Free section is a great place to start. Roku.com/link features a hand-picked selection of shows and movies from the Roku Channel, ABC, NBC, The CW, Pluto TV, Crackle, and more. They’re all legal to watch, however, the majority of them feature advertising.

If you pick a TV or film from a channel that isn’t already on your Roku device, you’ll be prompted to add it. Your drug should start streaming right away after it’s been added.

How can I find free content on Roku TV?

When it comes to free programming on Roku, The Roku Channel is perhaps the greatest place to look. The Roku Channel is a collection of free-to-watch, promotion-supported shows, and movies that you can upgrade by adding optional paid subscription services. Showtime is one of the most popular of these excellent membership options, but others, such as the Smithsonian Channel and Stingray Music, are also available.


Roku TV isn’t just a smart TV; it’s a smart TV that’s superior.

1Roku TV models provide customers with an easy-to-use, configurable home screen, a simple distance with everything you need to watch new episodes and movies quickly, and a pre-programmed setup that updates with new highlights and the most recent streaming channels.

Why should I choose Roku TV over a smart television?

As previously stated, Roku TV is more user-friendly than Smart TV.

It offers a seamless interface that allows for easy navigation and installation, making it a better choice than any smart TV.

How can I get a Roku TV subscription?

If you buy a Roku player, Roku TV, or Roku Soundbar, you won’t have to pay a subscription fee for any of Roku’s features. Nonetheless, Roku provides access to a number of real-time features that require a subscription. Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu are all well-known membership-based content platforms. You may also believe that it is possible to get film rental or purchase services, both of which demand some sort of payment.

Near the paid-content options are a plethora of completely free material sources, and most Roku devices allow you to access your personal collection of movies, TV series, photos, and music. Some Roku players, such as the Ultra, have a dedicated USB connector that allows you to connect an external hard drive and play documents directly.

How can I find anything to watch on Roku TV?

The ability to access a large number of channels is a significant benefit of using Roku, but the sheer amount of content can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Roku offers a very powerful all-encompassing pursuit feature that allows you to look for video based on the title, entertainer, or director. You can even do research using well-known phrases like “You played it for her, you can play it for me.”

It gathers results from over 500 of the most popular streaming channels, so you’ll get the most famous substance even if some of the more obscure ones don’t show up. If you have a Roku TV connected to an over-the-air radio station, you’ll also see content matches from available TV channels.

Matches are sorted by price, with icons next to the titles indicating if it’s a station, film, or television show. By tapping on these indexed lists, you may get more information about the thing, such as a summary, cast, and team details, and which channels you can watch it on. The best thing is that you can check to see if a specific film or show is included in one of your memberships.

Roku has added a new feature called Search Zones. These zones, which include categories such as Kids and Families, Award Winners, and Comedy, allow you to fine-tune your quests by using pre-populated subjects.

All We need to know about Roku TV

The free Roku app for Android and iOS devices essentially improves how you operate Roku at home and when you’re on the go. Here are a few of its best features:

a place where The Roku Channel is for surveying on the go As a full trade for the remote that came with your Roku device, capacities Using the program, you can officially add channels to your Roku. Channels can be added and removed from your Roku account.

Uses the microphone on your phone to take voice orders (see above) When the traditional remote would be too cumbersome, you can use your phone’s console for the quick content area.

To take advantage of private tuning in, pair a number of wired or remote headphones – this works for both Roku content on your phone and Roku content on your TV. Cast photos and recordings stored locally on your phone to your Roku device.

What network I can find on Roku:

In a select part of the country, several real-time features allow you to watch live Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC networks. To view these organizations on a Roku, you must subscribe to the organization’s real-time feature, download the real-time features that apply to your Roku, and log in. Here are the two best options for nearby television:

Hulu + Live TV: In several business sectors, Hulu + Live TV offers ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC. Use this handy postal division tool to find out which local directs are available in your general area.

YouTube TV: Live broadcasts from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are also available. You can check your Zip Code on Youtube TV’s website to see if those channels are available in your area.

Broadcast networks are also available on Roku via the FuboTV and CBS All Access channels. For more information, see our guide to viewing network TV online.

How can I use screen mirroring and casting on my Roku TV?

As previously stated, the Roku software may be used to cast photos and recordings from your smartphone or tablet to a Roku device or television. However, depending on the type of Roku you have and the apps you’re using, there’s a lot more you can do with it.

How can I get a Roku jailbreak?

This is a question that is commonly asked. Even in my article explaining what jailbreaking is, I hid it. This is due to the recent interest in jailbreaking an Amazon Fire TV Stick. To begin, there is no such thing as jailbreaking a Fire TV Stick (read the article to perceive any reason why.) Second, when people talk about jailbreaking and streaming devices, they usually mean using a program like Kodi to give their streaming device a lot more flexibility. Surprisingly, Roku does not support Kodi.

What is the best way to cast my device to my Roku TV?

Casting is the act of informing an application or a web browser that you need to watch the content that is currently playing on your television. Your ability to do so varies depending on the application. Both the Netflix and YouTube apps, for example, will let you press a projecting symbol to choose your Roku device or TV as the location where you’d like to watch the video.

This feature is not supported by all programs. Check for the projecting symbol (it appears to be a screen with a remote sign) somewhere on an application’s main screen to see if it has it.

What can I do with it? Roku TV screen mirroring

If you have an Android or Windows gadget, you can mirror your screen to a Roku device or television. Unlike projects, which simply display a video or photograph across the full TV, screen mirroring displays exactly what’s on the beginning device, including any active projects, taskbars, and alerts. It’s similar to having an inconspicuous HDMI connection and can be used to instruct a larger group of people how to use new programming or to display a PowerPoint slideshow on a large screen.

Roku gadgets

If you think Roku.com/link could be a good fit for you, the company offers a wide range of devices to consider. The Roku Ultra and Roku Streambar are two new Roku gadgets for 2020. We haven’t had a chance to test these new gadgets yet, but here are some of our thoughts on other devices in the current Roku lineup.