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Sea of Thieves Essential Tips and Tricks for Noobs

Sea of Thieves Essential Tips and Tricks for Noobs

Are you a beginner at Sea of Thieves? Not sure how exactly you are going to play the game? Well, you need not worry as there are some effectual tips and tricks that we have got it all covered for you. Here we are with some fun and helpful tips and tricks that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and also get a wonderful experience in the game. So, let us have a look at some useful and effective Sea of Thieves Hacks:

#1. Sailing a ship is really challenging:

Being a pirate is not a very easy thing to do and this game is going to ensure that at every moment. Having a crew means that you all will have to work together as a team and make sure that the ship goes in the right direction. You will also have to manage the ship properly. This may include dropping your sails, adjusting the angle so that the ship moves faster, raising the anchor to keep the ship moving, etc. You also need to keep an eye on rocks and other pirates.

#2. Handbrake can turn the ship:

Another very important aspect of Sea of Thieves is that you should make proper use of the handbrake. In case you are going to crash into the rocks or you are heading towards the land, you should try using the handbrakes in order to move your ship in a different way. You can try to lock the sail in one particular direction only and drop your anchor waiting for your ship to spin. Once the ship spins, you may experience an evasive maneuver but this can be really fun and it will also help your ship to keep sailing no matter what the situation is.

#3. Protect your treasures:

You should try to protect your treasures at all costs. When you start to get treasures in the game, you will be really tempted to keep sailing until and unless you get more treasures. But in this attempt, you may end up losing all your treasures. If your ship is sinking, then all your treasures will be gone almost instantly. So, you need to keep your precious treasures safe for an extended period of time. This requires you to stay away from other pirates who might be willing to steal your treasures. Always head back to the outpost on the map and then look for ways by which you can acquire more treasure. You can also think of creative ways by which you can hide your treasures in the game.

#4. Complete your Maiden’s voyage tutorial:

You need to complete your Maiden’s voyage tutorial if you are new to the game. This tutorial will do the job of walking you through the various aspects of the game. You will get to know how to look for treasures, shoot cannons and repair your boat. You will also be able to get to know the various secrets of the island. Even if you are stranded on an island, you will know what exactly you should do. Follow the instructions of the tutorials properly and you will be able to taste the actual essence of the game.

#5. Pick your gaming mode:

You will have to pick your gaming mode depending on your gaming needs and requirements. There are two types of gaming modes that you can try and play like a pro. These are the adventure mode and the arena mode. The adventure mode requires you to do multiple activities. However, at times, it can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are new at the game. However, the arena mode is perfect for beginners. It involves activities like hitting cannon shots, acquiring treasures, shooting enemies, turning in chests, etc.

#6. Be careful about ship selection:

You should be careful about the type of ship you are selecting for your game. The selection of your ship will completely depend on your number of crew members. The ship size can make a huge difference in the game. Never try to play the game alone. This is a team game where you require the participation of other team members as well. You can choose your ship depending on the way in which you are planning to play your game. You should also be well aware of how exactly you are going to control your ship so that it does not overturn causing you a lot of trouble.

A few thoughts to end with:

And this is how you can become a pro at the Sea of Thieves. For further information, you can connect with us and we will tell you how exactly you are going to master the game. You can also try learning some basic Sea of Thieves Hacks in order to make really good progress in the game. Certainly, there are more hacks to try.