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Smartcast TV Not Available error on Vizio

Smartcast TV Not Available

Casting video content to your VIZIO SmartCast TV straight from your phone or tablet is possible thanks to the Chromecast technology built right within the device. Now, you can enjoy watching videos, shows, or movies with a bigger screen. If your Vizio SmartCast TV is not available or is not working, there are different reasons why it happens. There may be technical issues with your SmartCast TV, so it blocks you from mirroring content. Perhaps, there may be an error in the configurations of your network. Or, another possible reason is a software glitch.

Check Internet connection

You can also face the smartcast tv not available issue if your internet connection is not working or not strong. To check your internet connection on Vizio smartcast tv go to the Network menu and select test connection. Now check if your tv is connected to the internet or not. If connected and not getting the desired speed then follow some of the tips below.

  1. Make sure you’re connected to a private network instead of a shared network like a school, college, or hospital.
  2. If you’re not getting enough speed through the wireless router, then move your router closer to your Vizio tv and place it higher than your Vizio smartcast tv. If still, you’re not getting enough speed then move to the next tip.
  3. Unplug your router from the plug for 30 seconds and turn it back on again. Now connect your smartcast tv to the router and check if the smartcast tv not available issue is fixed or not.
  4. Instead of Vizio smartcast tv check your internet connection on other devices. Try streaming youtube or opening a webpage to see if the internet is working properly. If not then try connecting your isp for help.

Use Another Network

If the solution above does not work, try connecting your Vizio SmartCast TV to a different network. You can use another network, if it is available, or you can use your mobile hotspot. This is to determine if your ISP is causing the error or not. Using a different ISP will help you identify if the problem is with your network.

Update Your TV’s Software

It is always a good idea to check from time to time if there are any new updates available for your TV which you might have missed. In this step, we are going to try just that. Hopefully, it will stop the error from happening.

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Systems ⇒ System Updates
  • See if there are any updates available
  • Install the updates
  • Wait for the TV to restart

Verify your TV’s Connection:

The Next step is to verify that your TV is properly connected to the internet, To verify your Connection, Please follow these steps.

  1. Switch on your TV.
  2. Go to the Network menu and click “Test Connection”
  3. If the network connection shows “Network not Available” or “network isn’t connected” then please try switching your network.
  4. Once the network is fixed, exit the options and restart your TV.
  5. Check if the problem is resolved.

Perform a Power Cycle

Power cycle your SmartCast TV and network devices to erase temporary configurations, which may be causing the error.

  • Start by turning off your TV, modem, and router.
  • Unplug these devices and wait for at least 1 minute.
  • Plug your modem in and wait for it to fully connect. Do the same with your router.
  • Now, plug in your Vizio SmartCast TV and turn it on.
  • Check if the error is still there.

Make changes to DHCP Settings

If DHCP is not configured or enabled properly on your network then you can face smartcast tv not available issue. DHCP assigns a unique IP address to every device connected to that network. If it is not working properly then you can face this issue on your Vizio smartcast tv. You can follow the steps below to change or configure your DHCP settings.

  1. Shut down your Vizio tv
  2. Now open a browser on your laptop or desktop
  3. Now visit your router’s URL.
  4. Enter your login details to sign in
  5. Now go to router settings and go to the DHCP section. You can find it in network settings, setup, or in the advanced section.
  6. Now if the DHCP is disabled then enable it. If it is enabled then disable it and enable it again.
  7. Save these settings and exit.
  8. Start your Vizio smartcast tv check if the issue is fixed or not.

Factory Reset Your Vizio SmartCast TV

Your last resort to fixing the error is to factory reset your Vizio SmartCast TV. Careful considerations are needed before doing this method as this will cause all your settings, apps and content to be lost.

You can reset a Vizio TV using your device’s menu or buttons. Do the following:

  • To factory reset using the TV menu, press the Menu button, and click System.
  • Go to Reset & Admin and choose Reset TV to Factory Settings.
  • If you want to factory reset using your TV’s buttons, press both the Input and Volume Down buttons for at least 5 seconds until a bar appears on your TV.
  • Press the Input button again for at least 5 seconds until your TV screen turns off.
  • Turn on your TV and follow the reset procedure.

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Vizio’s SmartCast technology adds a layer of convenience to getting content onto your TV that makes it an enviable feature for owners of TVs that don’t have it. It can be frustrating when it doesn’t work the way it should, but there are usually solvable problems behind it.

Taking a slow, methodical approach to checking all of the things mentioned in this article will result in the problem being resolved the majority of the time.

Remember that the technology behind SmartCast relies entirely on an Internet connection, and it is often connectivity that is the root cause of any issues. Always check that your Internet-connected and your local connection is working properly before assuming there is something wrong with your TV.