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Snail Speed and Poor Banking Services Have No Place in Our Society Today

Snail Speed and Poor Banking Services

In the past, it was not uncommon for banks and financial institutions to take ages to clear a transaction. You want to send money to someone in another country and you are told it would take 3-5 business days for such a transaction to go through. I mean, this was ridiculous.

In today’s digital age, there is no reason it should take a bank day to clear a transaction. Unfortunately, this was the order of business that not only allowed banks to profit with your money but also frustrated many a loyal customers.

Imagine banks insisting that they can only process your transaction on business days. Imagine having to fill so much paperwork just to send a friend, an ailing relative, or make payment to an overseas employee! It is frustrating, right?

As if that is not bad enough, getting a refund from your bank was nothing short of hellish. You are told to wait for 14 business days. As if that is not discouraging enough, transferring money between your own bank accounts takes days! Why did we condone such snail speed and poor banking services for long? Unbelievable!

Doing Things with a Difference

At hi, we strongly believe that top-notch banking services are at the core of our success. We are all about doing things with a difference. Our sole aim is continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We strongly ascribe to the belief that global transfers should not only be instant but as simple as typing hi in a chat messenger, irrespective of where you live across the globe.

Simply put, digital money is not so much of a different to bits in email. At hi, we have designed money transfers to be entirely frictionless and seamless. You can access hi accounts through several communication and social media platforms. What’s more? The transactions are instant!

Profiting Off Customers Money

If you ask banks why they don’t allow instant money transfers, they will tell you they do so as a security measure against fraud. However, what they don’t tell is that they set such machinations up to enable them to make a profit from your money.

How you ask? When a bank sends your check to the recipient electronically, they usually deduct that money from your account instantly. The check will not get to the recipient for a few more days, allowing the bank to earn interest on your money until when the recipient gets hold of the check. Cheeky, right? The strategy is always to delay the transfer of funds as much as possible so that they can make money off it.

Make Instant Payments Anytime

It is a fact that most banks don’t work 24 hours, 7 days a week. They work around what we call business hours and business days. This can be quite inconvenient, especially if you want to make instantaneous payments.

Well, you need not worry anymore. Our world of crypto is all about making instant payments, any time, any day, to anyone. This puts hi on a different pedestal and gives it an edge over traditional banks. At hi, we are not limited by business hours or business days and therefore ensure immediate transfer of funds to recipients.

What’s more? Hi services are not limited to time zones or public holidays. We are game any day, any time. This is not the case with conventional banks that close shop at night and during public holidays. We are living in a digital era and you shouldn’t be accepting snail speed transfer of funds or tolerate poor banking services and exploitative bank fees.

At hi, our customers come first, instant money transfer with no delays, and banking process is hassle-free and seamless!