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The Most Strange Live Casino Games


Introducing the latest innovative gaming technology into the gambling industry has brought some unique online live casino games with advanced features for the ultimate gaming experience.

Thanks to these excellent technologies designed for gambling, punters can now play casino games with an amazing user interface and sleek graphic design.

The best online casinos, especially the ones offering no deposit bonus, like the Vulkan Vegas 25 euro no deposit bonus, offer exceptional casino games with a minimum deposit to attract more players.

The gambling industry is witnessing more and more releases of new casino games aimed at enhancing the gambling experience. However, some of these casino games turned out to be unusual and strange.

Here is a list of a few strange casino games that are worth a try today!


The Dreidel casino game is quite famous as it closely relates to a popular Jewish festival called Hannukah. These strange casino games share a lot of resemblance with the casino dice games. For instance, you must use a dreidel – a four-sided spinning top – to play the game.

If you ask, Dreidel is a simple game to digest. You’ll have to place all the wagers in a betting pot at the start of the gameplay. The betting pot is typically placed at the table’s center to ensure transparency. Once all the bets are collected, every player gets the chance to spin the dreidel once.

In a few instances, the bets from the pots are distributed among the players. The position where the Dreidel lands determine the amounts of returns you’ll receive. However, you can even find instances where a single player wins the entire plot.

Rodent Roulette

With years of experience, Rodent roulette is here to stay. However, it has earned the reputation of being a strange yet amazing casino game.

The unusual casino game is called rat race roulette or mouse roulette. You can join casinos like Vulkan Vegas to enjoy such seamless and top-quality roulette games online. This game is designed on an altered roulette wheel.

In the beginning, a rat or a mouse gets released onto the altered roulette wheel, and gamblers are enabled to wager on the probable hole the mouse will choose. If the mouse selects the hole where you placed your bet, you’ll receive an instant payout.

Despite controversies over the last few decades, Rodent Roulettes remains the most preferred online casino game on the live dealer section. There’s no doubt that this casino game is unusual in its own way.

War (Global)

War has become one of the most minimalistic and commonly played casino games in today’s gambling industry. Played mainly by teenagers, this card has been introduced to them for its simple laws.

Every online casino offers War as one of its online casino card games. In the game – casino War – the player’s goal should be to have a better card than the dealer. The game is played with a 52-card deck and a maximum of eight players.

Compared to other table games, casino war has a unique house edge. Regarding its betting options, the card game has an optional tie bet preferred to determine the winner after a round.

In terms of its betting options, this card game features an optional tie bet used for establishing the winner after a round of gameplay.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken – Atlantic City

The last game on the list – Tic-Tac-Toe – is stranger because it comes with its own token or mascot. If you ever visit a casino in Atlantic City, be ready to play a match of Tic-Tac-Toe with the great “Ginger.”

This Tic-Tac-Toe game is known as “Chicken Challenge,” and it’s no simple game. Once you make your mark on the board, you’ll have to wait for Ginger to nibble around her cage.

Finally, she presses a button that decides the places where the “O” or “X” will go on the grid. Once you win, you’ll get entitled to a cash prize of $10,000.

Still thinking it to be easy? Ginger is well-known to be a tough competitor for its opposition. However, if you have the “spirit,” you can win big.

However, this specific match-up has also rumpled the wings of animal activists due to the use of an animal in a casino game. Despite that, Ginger continues to be an exceptional icon that travels around the US, shocking audiences with their stunning record.

Final Words

This comprehensive guide presents the list of the most strange online casino games ever. However, the list doesn’t end here. New Jersey, Fan Tan – China, and Birdsong – Belgium are a few others, but later on that. So, explore more such casino games and enjoy their thrill.