The Power of Partnership: ACE Money Transfer & Bank Al Habib’s Mega Cash Giveaway

And here comes grande news for Pakistani migrants who reside in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland and send money to Pakistan.

Keeping its tradition of facilitating its valued customers alive, ACE Money Transfer has launched another exciting campaign for the Pakistani migrants residing in the above-listed countries to dole out 2 massive cash prizes to the tune of 10 million each and a total of 91 cash prizes of 1 lac each in a series of lucky draws.

Do not be surprised!

The catch is yet to come.

Participation in this mega campaign is simple and easy, not requiring you to do anything complex or extra.

A Brief Background About The Campaign

A report by Pilot Guides said that the Pakistani diaspora is one of the largest worldwide numbering 9 million. These migrants travel to developed countries to earn a living to support their families financially.

They undergo immense troubles while navigating their financial way in foreign lands, and here is where ACE Money Transfer makes its presence felt.

The firm has launched yet another campaign to ease the financial burden off its valued customers and allowed them to earn massive cash prizes to help them achieve what they migrate to other countries in the first place.

An Insight Into The Exciting Campaign

Starting from the 1st of April, 2023, this exciting cash-prize-oriented campaign is valid till June 30th, 2023.

All Pakistani migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland are eligible for this campaign. If they qualify for this campaign, they will stand a chance to win 2 massive cash prizes of 10 million each and 91 cash prizes of 1 lac each.

The two mega cash prizes will be given away to the remitters, whereas the small prizes will be given to the recipients in a series of lucky draws to ensure transparency.

But only being a resident, as a Pakistani migrant, in these countries is not enough for eligibility.

A few other conditions must also be met. But the best part in meeting other conditions is that these are not complex, and rather nothing new is supposed to be done.

It is something all Pakistani migrants are already doing and needs to be realigned, if at all there is a need, in the first place.

Take a look at the campaign’s ToRs HERE.

The Partnership Between Two Financial Giants To Promote Legal Channels

ACE Money Transfer has a remarkable presence in the global remittance transfer service industry owing to its service quality. With the passage of time coupled with the expansion, the company is carving its way toward the top service providers in this field.

One of the reasons behind it is the adherence to concerned laws and regulations under which remittances are processed. This encourages the use of legal channels to send remittances.

To ensure that the money Pakistani migrants send back from the listed countries is delivered through the legal channels at the recipient’s end, ACE Money Transfer joined hands with one of the most trusted and largest banks in Pakistan, Bank Al Habib.

The fact that the bank has over 1,080+ branches across the country is enough proof that the institution’s financial services are well within the legal bounds.

In short, the partnership is meant to encourage the use of legal channels for transferring remittances in the wake of rising taxes on the flow of remittances, which is diverting Pakistani migrants to look for means to transfer funds by paying low taxes.

Emphasizing The Use Of Legal Channels

A recent report said that owing to the rise in living costs, remittances to Pakistan from the UK and Europe fell by nearly $500 million during the first 10 months of the current fiscal year.

Big traders, on the other hand, are adding to the decline in the flow of remittances by purchasing foreign currencies from Pakistani migrants at higher rates to pay for their imports to evade taxes and to defy the government regulations to slash imports.

Therefore, the initiative is meant to boost the flow of remittances and support the country’s economy.

Participation In This Exciting Campaign – Explained

A few simple steps are important to take to participate in this campaign. These are:

  • They have to be Pakistani migrants
  • They have to be living in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland
  • They have to be valued customers of ACE Money Transfer
  • They have to be sending remittances to any of the 1,080+ branches of Bank Al Habib in Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer.
  • They must send money online via ACE Money Transfer’s website or mobile app.
  • They have to make the transfers within, neither before nor after, the campaign duration, that is, between April 1st till June 30th, 2023, both days inclusive.

These simple steps serve as a key to participation in this mega campaign.

Increasing The Chances To Win – Explained

Winning the prizes, however, is different from what Pakistani migrants will do to ensure participation.

  • They must make transactions daily without fail because several transactions in one day will amount to one transfer.
  • They must align their transfers with the steps explained above

These are the two simple steps that Pakistani migrants have to take to increase their chances of winning both the mega and small cash prizes.

ACE Money Transfer – Remittance Service Immersed In Exciting Surprises

Deliver your funds to Pakistan from the listed countries above in just 7 seconds safely in exchange for a low fee and market-competitive exchange rates and stand a chance to win two of the bumper cash prizes of 10 million each or one of the 91 cash prizes of 1 lac each.

Time is running out fast. Get up and grab your opportunity now!