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The Top 5 DPS Classes in WoW Shadowlands

DPS Classes in WoW Shadowlands

Push the limits of damage dealing

Wondering which World of Warcraft class has the highest potential for DPS? Here are the top 5 highest DPS classes in WoW Shadowlands. To get the best out of them, buy WoW gold to get the equipment and supplies they need. Take note that this can change as the expansion progress and buffs and nerfs are applied to classes. Also, don’t take this as an incentive to play typical builds. Off-meta builds can be fun to play and still be strong enough to contribute to raids.

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The Top 5 DPS Classes in WoW Shadowlands

1. Fire Mage

While they lost their ability to passively spread Mastery: Ignite, they got uncapped AoE abilities in Flamestrike and Flame Patch. Along with the utility the specialization offers, there’s also Combustion, Dragon’s Breath, and Cauterize.

Dragon’s Breath can damage and disorient targets in front of the Mage, though damage cancels the effect. Cauterize is quite important, as, with it, the Mage can cheat death every 5 minutes. Then there’s Combustion, which increases critical hit chance by 100% and then increases Mastery by half of the critical strike stat. Bursting has never been better with Fire Mages.

That incredible burst ability rocketed them to the top spot of the rankings. Of course, time will tell whether they can keep that spot or not.

2. Balance Druid

Balance Druids prove that moderation is key. They have utility spells in Ursol’s Vortex, Typhoon, Soothe, and Stampeding Roar. Plus, they can Innervate healers so they don’t have to worry about mana for 10 seconds. Then there’s also Force of Nature to ease hard pulls.

On the damage dealing side, Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, Stellar Drift, and Starfall makes for a great AoE combination. With these three skills, they can keep up their DPS while avoiding certain mechanics. On top of that, they also have Barkskin, a good defensive skill with short cooldowns.

Due to their high damage potential and utility, they’re a great pick for any raid team. With these kinds of skills, everything should go smoothly in the raid.

3. Outlaw Rogue

With Gouge, one of the best crowd control abilities and Acrobatic Strikes, you’ll never know where an Outlaw Rogue would attack next. The specialization gives great survivability, maneuverability, and self-sustainability, which makes it a great pick for a DPS class.

The only downside is the unpredictability of Roll the Bones. A roll of the dice doesn’t make for a consistent DPS output, which is why the specialization ranks lower. If the player is lucky, perhaps it can rank higher. However, what comes up must come down, and a streak of high rolls would eventually give way to a streak of low rolls.

4. Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans have the pick between Earthquake or Chain Lightning, which have been buffed recently. The former has a higher potential for DPS, though. That, along with Earth Shock, are the main strengths of this specialization.

More than that, Shamans have several utility totems and skills, all of which are useful in raids. From disruption to healing, Shamans have many tricks up their sleeves. Remember that DPS classes in WoW Shadowlands with good utility rank higher in this list than pure DPS types. Plus, there’s also Wind Shear, the interrupted skill with the fastest cooldown.

With Spiritwalker’s Grace, they can now move while casting, increasing their DPS sustain. This spec is a solid pick for any raid team.

5. Shadow Priest

This DPS specialization of the Priest class concludes this list. While Priests mainly support and heal the group, some of the spec’s skills let them do one or the other while dealing damage. They also have access to the incredibly handy Mass Dispel spell, which is strong enough to dispel Magics that are normally undispellable.

They also have the Power Word: Fortitude ability, which increases the health pool of the team. No other World of Warcraft class has that. Shadow Priests also have several good crowd control abilities such as Shackle Undead, Psychic Scream, Mind Control, and Psychic Horror. Their one downside is Silence’s considerably long cooldown. Interrupt skills have to be ready, so this is a big obstacle in certain boss fights.

The ability to heal while dealing damage and various crowd control skills are very useful in any team.


Playing a DPS character is fun, especially if you see your character rising in the DPS ranking for the team. However, you should play a World of Warcraft class and specialization you can have fun with, not because it’s going to be the number 1 in the rankings. If you’re not enjoying the class, you won’t be able to maximize the damage output of the class. Maybe you can’t get the rotation right or you just can’t get into the gameplay.

So, choose something you can enjoy! The player is more important than the class they play. There are stories about how an undergeared character can still do their duty because the player is that skilled. Besides, with new updates coming and buffs and nerfs on the horizon, the next rankings could have very different World of Warcraft classes at the top.

Don’t forget to keep enjoying the game, and don’t worry about the numbers so much. Continue playing WoW Shadowlands!