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Things you need to know about White Label Solution

White Label Solution

In layman’s terms, a white label solution is a product or service are developed by one company and is sold or leased out to another company that brands and distributes it as its own.
In the gambling industry, buying a white label casino is an option that many operators often stick to when it comes to making a decision of whether to develop a platform from scratch, and thus incur huge expenses, or buy a fully functional white-label solution and then put the finishing touches to it if needed. White label online casinos are a perfect alternative for those who want to roll out a new casino within a short timeframe and at comparably affordable costs. The “white label” concept is that a client gets a generic betting platform with a fixed package of slots, bonuses, and payment methods. The client may then remove some games from the package or add new ones, depending on his preference or interests of the targeted countries or users. This inherent flexibility of the white label gaming solution makes it one of the best choices in terms of cost efficiency and lead time.

The advantages of White Label

Getting a fully operational system is already a huge advantage. Apart from that, you get the license, a custom website design for your website, integrated verified payment options with many more to come. You can fully concentrate on casino marketing, while Soft Gaming’s does the rest.

The best software one can get

Our clients get a ready-to-use platform with a back-office and a vast catalog of website templates. Every design template can be customized to a particular brand category. Technical support is provided, allowing the client to save on additional maintenance-related costs. Domain names are unique and you can host multiple websites for stand-alone projects on one server.

User-friendly multi-language interface

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use interface, this is it. Its batch features support quick and easy navigation and sorting options, not to mention handling multiple files. Our multi-language settings can significantly improve communication with international clients, whilst multiple currency solutions will simplify the transaction processes.

Licensing for your business

If you want to overcome the barriers to effective license negotiations and launch your casino straight away, we advise you to start operating under the existing license. Later, it will be possible to switch to an independent operation, however, the entire client base will, in any case, be retained by the operator.

Bitcoin casino White label

The White label solution includes cryptocurrency support. Our platform keeps up with the latest industry trends, enabling players to play in their preferred cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others. Basically, you can add to your Bitcoin casino White label any cryptocurrencies you wish owing to our Pay Cryptos system. Using cryptocurrencies attracts more players to your casino and opens cryptocurrency markets for you. You don’t need a license to run a Bitcoin casino White label accepting cryptocurrency payments. Just contact our experts and use the opportunity to add cryptocurrency support in your casino absolutely for free.