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Top 5 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Now in NZ

Anime Streaming Sites

Japanese animation is no longer exclusive to Japanese viewers. These animes have a significant following worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe. However, most series are only accessible online.

As a result, this study evaluated various top anime streaming services and ultimately identified the top 5 services. These are worthwhile testing on mobile iOS, Android, and other internet-supported devices.

The COVID-19 dilemma caused suffering on a global scale. But one of the few nations that have triumphed in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in New Zealand. Despite this, Quibi, Peacock, and HBO Max, three other streaming services from New Zealand, have joined the internet streaming market.

It implies that viewers have additional viewing alternatives from all over the world. But this is not the situation for streaming platforms in New Zealand. However, enthusiasts continue to encounter difficulties accessing their preferred streaming providers in New Zealand to watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

This article will tell you about the best 5 anime streaming services where you may watch your favorite shows.


Anime Streaming Sites

One of the first players in the anime streaming market is Crunchyroll. It is solely responsible for bringing this aspect of popular culture to the western audience and is practically associated with the Western Anime and manga culture.

It retains rights to several of the most popular anime and manga franchises. Besides serving as a source for both Anime and manga. However, it provides fans with a store where they can get fun anime items and the latest events on their preferred anime series.

This platform is for premium manga and anime sales and an Anime blog Store for unique anime memorabilia. In addition, it has exclusive rights to some of the most well-known anime franchises.


Anime Streaming Sites

Funimation is one of the most famous anime websites worldwide, providing the best online streaming services to its fans and users.

It offers episodes of the most popular anime programs currently on the market, produced by Japan’s Aniplex and Sony Pictures.

The many genres that show can fall under include shounen, romance, action+adventure, psychological, slice-of-life, live-action horrors, comedy, shoujo, sci-fi, fan entertainment, humor, and fantasy.

The website is accessible from 15 platforms and 47 countries. A VPN service is required to view the website if you are restricted.

Amazon Anime

Anime Streaming Sites

On Amazon, you can buy practically anything. So, it stands to reason that Anime would also be present here. Amazon Prime Video is a perfect location to stream a range of Anime, both new and old. In addition, you may find HD versions of shows like Pokemon, Grand Blue, and Made in Abyss.

Depending on your desire, you can choose subtitled and dubbed shows. Each anime title has a separate descriptor that outlines the Anime’s salient features. In addition, while streaming a show, you can use its X-Ray tool to look up cast information.

You can always resume a stream where you left off; after you’ve finished watching, you may give the program or film a rating.

Amazon Anime has a sizable selection of Anime across all genres. In addition, there are dubbed and subbed titles available. You can also purchase anime-related goods. Most interestingly, Amazon Prime Video offers a one-month free trial.


Anime Streaming Sites

KissAnime is the most prominent Anime website ever. However, KissAnime (a big sister site to KissAsian and KissCartoon) has since been shut down.

Before you go offline, the actual kissanime.ru domain was available with torrent sites in terms of traffic and popularity.

If the entire series is finished, it lists the most recent episode and includes thousands of anime episodes labeled as “Completed” otherwise.

Because copyright holders have permanently blocked access to real KissAnime.ru, TROYPOINT has comprised a list of substitute websites.


Anime Streaming Sites

Users of TubiTV have access to an easy-to-use web platform that lets them watch a vast selection of media, including Anime. It is a free streaming service that relies on advertising money to survive.

The platform offers high-quality, high-resolution material and functions incredibly well on all currently available devices. The platform’s anime library is not as extensive as the other platforms on this list. However, it still offers a beautiful gallery with some top Japanese animations.

There is much to gain for anime fans, from Attack on Titan to Naruto.

Tubi TV showcases an uncluttered user interface. Furthermore, it broadcasts titles with closed captions of 40000. In conclusion, TubiTV offers consumers an ideal streaming platform that makes it incredibly easy to stream Anime on demand. This is worth a look for anime fans.

Watching Anime Online VS Watching It on TV

You don’t need to stick to a strict schedule to watch your favorite show on time. Instead, streaming services allow you to watch Anime online whenever you want.

Secondly, streaming platforms remove television programs’ censorship, providing an excellent watching experience.

Is It Legal to Watch Anime for Free Online?

According to the webpage. Some websites have legitimate permits to legally broadcast anime shows online and provide their viewers the chance to do so for nothing.

Some websites, though, lack permission to stream particular programs on their network. Therefore, these services are unlawful, even if streaming free Anime on them might not have legal repercussions.


We’ve included the top 5 anime websites in this article so you may watch your favorite shows and series. I hope this information was helpful to you in evaluating the leading streaming service available.

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