What Are the Best Blockchain Development Companies?

There have been a lot of individuals and groups who have seen blockchain development as the new way to stand out from the crowd. There are many perks that we can fetch from the particular technology to most of the processes.

As a company or project owner, you will want to build a great solution that will make your company different from the others. Whether you are attracted to P2P solutions, microtransactions, decentralized exchanges, remote solutions, smart contracts, or others, the blockchain developers will be the ones you want to reach.

Using your favorite search engine to look for the best candidates to be your project partner, you will see dozens of choices out there. Your chance will be much better if you are dealing with the best provider in the field. So, what do you do next? You probably want to research it all by yourself. But if you don’t have time for it, you can take a look at our compelling list of the top blockchain development companies below. Without further ado, do enjoy the list.


Gemini is a software company that focuses on the industries of fintech, cryptocurrency, and trading. Its company’s platform is a reliable digital asset exchange that allows clients to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. The company’s platform is backed by the great quality of blockchain for trading and cybersecurity projects.

Gemini does not limit their interactions with different kinds of clients. They allow both individuals and group investors to use their platform to trade, sell, or purchase digital assets. The most popular coins to be traded are Bitcoin, Ether, as well as Litecoin.


INC4 is the best we can find on the net. It has been revolving around the blockchain and cryptocurrency world for over a decade. Starting their services in 2010, they already have ample experiences and resources that can cater to their client’s needs and requirements.

Their blockchain development team consists of great combinations of senior software engineers and creative youth who excel in blockchain technologies.

When it comes to these solutions, they are ready to help businesses to create blockchain-based solutions from mining, exchanges, customized digital wallets, smart contracts, and many more.

The company has been evolving from time to time. As we know, blockchain has always changed. They are updated with these changes and willing to learn about the new technologies in order to improve their services for their clients.

INC4 is a client-centric company. Therefore, the professionals in their team always use the holistic approach to attain the milestones according to their client’s desires and requirements. They have high flexibility in sharing their expertise and experiences with their partners. Being their partners, you won’t regret your decision.

You will have the freedom to design your own solutions. The INC4 is ready to actualize your ideas.

Turn your ideas to reality with the help of INC4.


Circle company runs its business as a reliable cryptocurrency investment platform.

However, its main popular service is its online money transfer which allows the users to use the platform to transfer money without any complexity.

As claimed by the platform, there are no exchange rate fees when the users transfer their crypto money to different currencies.

Located in Boston, the company offers investment opportunities in different cryptocurrencies.

Circle claimed themselves as a global financial technology firm. Their focus on blockchains and stable coins open the windows of opportunities for businesses on every scale to make use of the benefits of the technologies. Backed by the public blockchains they are ready to create the best solution for their partners.


Steam is a company that runs a blockchain-based rewards platform. It is a social blockchain that focuses on rewarding the community for sharing content to the world.

Through their platforms like Steemit and Dtube, the publishers can monetize their content with the Steem crypto.

The company is popular because of its futuristic Smart Media Token that can be applied by anyone to monetize their digital content.


ShipChain is a company that focuses on a fully integrated supply chain management platform. They use transparent blockchain contracts which are giving benefits for all the suppliers and buyers. The logistics platform helps the managers to track shipments, conduct the shipping process, incentivize the operators for easier and helpful routes, and so on. The blockchain platform that they work with has raised around thirty million in funding.

Consider reaching out to find out more about what they can offer to you.


When it comes to blockchain development, IBM is the most prominent company that has adopted the blockchain in its services. IBM shouldn’t be a strange name for you since it has been out there for decades. It is also the fastest company to implement blockchain technology in its processes.

The huge company has spent over $200 million for research and development in the categories of IT, Computing, and software.

These reliable providers have encouraged the companies and enterprises to adopt the hyperledger and IBM cloud into their systems. There are around 220 businesses that have used IBM solutions in the apps and tools that are backed by Blockchain technology.


We are an emerging tech company that is obsessed with innovation! Founded in 2019 with a vision to make Blockchain adoption simple and accessible for all. We are an award-winning team of young and passionate techies to build numerous apps over various software platforms as Hedera Hashgraph Development Company, Mobile dApp Development, Python Development, r3 Corda, EOS, Machine Learning, and other development services such as Java, R Language, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, GO Language, & more.

We work with innovation over a wide range of platforms to deliver solutions specially designed for enterprises, crypto exchanges, tools, smart contracts.

Our happy and satisfied clients stand as a testimony that we don’t just create like others but we ideate and deploy to our client’s perfection!


Voatz’s name is popular in the public community. It is a company that focuses on Cybersecurity and Government.

Voatz has been known for its excellent mobile voting platform that is utilizing blockchain technology.

As we know, blockchain technology is the foundation of a decentralized system. One of the biggest problems with the conventional voting system is the existence of human intermediaries which pose the risks of data tampering and attack.

Voatz comes with the solution to enable voting through smartphones. As expected the blockchain strengthens the voting system so that it will be impossible to tamper with the data. Combining the resourceful blockchain and biometrics, Voatz has successfully made transparent election outcomes.

The best way to pick the right company for you is to check on the quality of the projects. INC4, for instance, will be glad to share its portfolio when required. Reach them out and see what they can offer you for your project.