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What Kinds of Careers Can I Pursue With a Kinesiology Degree?

Kinesiology Degree

In 2019, more than 30,000 students received a kinesiology degree or exercise science degree. The fitness industry continues to grow and a degree in this field offers a broad range of opportunities.

Kinesiology is the study of human movement and translates into a variety of jobs that specialize in exercise and mobility.

It’s the ideal field for people passionate about health and wellness and who are outgoing and enjoy helping people.

So what does a kinesiology career look like? Check out the options you have below.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

As a personal trainer, you’ll work one on one with clients as they work toward their fitness goals. This involves helping people with a range of abilities and customizing each client’s workout accordingly.

Fitness instructors are similar to personal trainers, but also teach group workout classes. The best personal trainer is one who can effectively work with both individuals and groups.

In this position, you might work in a gym setting or meet with clients in their homes or other locations.

To help manage schedules and appointments, a personal trainer or fitness instructor can use a personal training client tracking software to help them connect and collaborate with clients. The software helps trainers bridge the gap between in-person sessions and online services.

Athletic Therapist

Also called an athletic trainer, this job is similar to a personal trainer, but involves working primarily with athletes.

Not only will you help design and implement workout programs to optimize performance, but you might also work with athletes who are recovering from an injury.

Many athletic trainers also work as coaches or athletic directors, often in schools or fitness clubs.

Wellness Coordinator

Wellness coordinators work in many settings, including corporate offices, schools, and religious establishments. Their main job is to create health and wellness programs for employees.

This includes promoting weight loss programs, implementing healthy meal delivery, organizing retreats, and speaking at business events about health topics.

Some people perform a similar job at the community level, working with underserved populations to educate them about optimal health and how to achieve it.

Health Coach

Many people find that they need someone in their corner when they work toward their health goals. A health coach serves this need by helping clients identify goals and create a program to reach them.

Many medical clinics employ health coaches, as do spas and fitness centers. You might also decide to start your own business and seek clients on your own. This resource can help.


Teaching what you know about health is a rewarding career option. You can teach at the college level if you have an advanced degree in kinesiology.

You might also consider becoming a physical education or health teacher in a middle school or high school setting.

How to Get a Kinesiology Degree

Most colleges and universities offer an exercise science degree program. Kinesiology classes include topics like physiology, nutrition, anatomy, psychology of exercise, motor development, and body composition.

Once you have your kinesiology degree, you have plenty of options as you move into your career. Advanced degrees might lead to a job as a dietician or sports psychologist, or sports physician.

You will love how rewarding it is to work with people as they achieve their health goals.

We are big advocates of health and wellness. Before you go, read our other articles on the topic and let us show you how it fits in your lifestyle.