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Why Crypto market is dying, and what do experts say?

Why Crypto market is dying

The crypto market recently faced a sell-off. It was a tremendous blow to all its investors. This is because it almost destroyed $1 trillion in market capitalization from this industry.

It was intense, and thus main cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum at bitcoin-eraapp.com nearly lost half of their value from their peak, whereas other altcoins suffered more.

The cryptocurrency space has faced a fall due to the Federal Reserve’s tapering signs, the rising yield of bonds, signals of the crackdown, and huge regulatory strictness. It is almost like the crypto world is moving towards an end, and there is no existence of the market.

Crypto market scenario

  • Although the market has lately tumbled, it is early to comment that it is dead.
  • Intel is adopting crypto by becoming a part of the mining industry of Bitcoin.
  • They are having plans of unveiling a mining chip of Bitcoin.
  • Almost 300 banks are planning to launch trading of Bitcoin in 2022’s first half.
  • According to experts, the latest crypto market fall is not a phenomenon that industry-specific.
  • Financial markets are hit, and sentiments are jittered in the space of digital tokens.
  • Unluckily cryptocurrency has a correlation with the stock market. So anything happening in the stock market will eventually impact the cryptocurrency market.
  • China, although, surprised the crypto market with their rate cut because all property developers began to implode.
  • This is an attempt of pushing domestic markets much higher.
  • It is believed that the market will not be going lower from the present stage.
  • It will be discarding the theory that the market of digital currency is dead.
  • Even after having several doubters or doomsayers, there is a constant urge of thriving in the cryptocurrency market. There has been a wild fluctuation in the price and hugely downfall, but the sector is beginning to become stabilized and is increasingly leaving behind its infancy.
  • More companies are discovering crypto uses, and thus users are accepting them for simplifying their lives.
  • Cryptocurrency will be the main conversion point in technology.
  • It also hugely demonstrates its great value in many situations such as banking, buying movie tickets, and so on.
  • Coins will be coming and going, many of them will fail, but this sector will be unabatedly forging ahead.

View of skeptics regarding the crypto market

  • The total crypto in the market is almost more than 2000. It is a clear sign that this sector is mostly booming.
  • However, numbers can be deceptive.
  • As per a report, over 800 are dead.
  • The remaining numbers are relevant.
  • A lot of fraud and scams also took place in the ICO market.
  • There have been many signals of trouble for the market.
  • In 2018 Bitcoin faced some challenges. Hence the trouble began with it.
  • In December 2017, it reached great heights, but in January, its price crashed down, and it then struggled to reach its past highs.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions’ value that is carried out used to be huge in 2018 first quarter, but it collapsed by almost 75% in the second half.
  • The denial of the U.S SEC of listing Bitcoin ETFs was partially responsible for the lack of adoption in the investment space.
  • Freedom and leeway cryptos are fast moving to their end.
  • A drastic change has been seen in the regulatory efforts, and countries worldwide are taking a deliberate and severe stance.
  • Such views of skeptics can stifle growth and limit the main prospect of the sector as a disinteresting force.
  • The crypto sector has been well determined to prove all those wrong who have claimed this market to be mainstream.
  • They may not be the standard to pay or exchange values; the blockchain technology underlining them is fast turning out to be a standard in various industries and sectors.


The Crypto market is not near to be dead. But it is just moving toward mainstream acceptance. When organizations offer determined real-life value along with crypto integration, there will be a resurgence of the digital asset. It is only about building natural demand and little hype and speculation. The market witnessed many high and low falls from the last year. It has always been back on the right track every time. The performance of the stock market has also been not great for the last few months. However, they enjoy the confidence of the investors in it. People investing in cryptocurrency must have patience and also wait for regulation clarity that will be stabilizing crypto.