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Will 5G Continue to Expand Across the UK in 2023?

5G Continue to Expand Across the UK

In 2016 the UK government set aside £16 million for 5G research. The research was to be done by the University of Surrey,  the University of Bristol, and King’s College London to deliver a 5G trial network by 2018.

In 2017 £500 million was budgeted by the government for the latest technological innovations, with £160 million set aside for 5G infrastructure. Investing in digitalization has become an essential factor for most countries for the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). Computer systems are now playing a significant role in our lives and the day-to-day running of things.

The UK’s first 5G network came into action in May 2019 and was implemented by EE.  Smartphone manufacturers also decided to join the movement by manufacturing mobile phones that support the 5G network.

The new 5G network promises less latency and high-speed internet, which has become important for most online businesses. Let’s focus on one example and what this could mean for that industry: the online casino industry. The promise of lower latency and faster download speeds means that fruit machine games can be processed much faster and, also, that these online casinos can offer new services which maximize 5G’s new levels, like in-play betting and live casino.

5G is the fifth generation technology designed to provide average download speeds of  150-200Mbps. The 5G network is ten times faster than 4G and 30 times faster than 3G. At its peak, 5G can go up to 1Gbps, which means users can download an FHD movie in under 3 minutes.

Will 4G Become a Thing of the Past?

With 5G providing low latency, there will be more incredible speeds and connectivity, which means you can connect more devices. This also means businesses can make more informed and faster decisions.

The full deployment of 5G is still far, as 4G is still in high demand in the UK. Demand for 5G is still gathering momentum, which means 4G will remain an essential part of the technological and wireless ecosystem. Innovations in 4G will slow down in 2025 as 5G becomes more prominent. Older 2G and 3G systems are set to disappear by the end of 2023.

Companies such as Vodafone UK have committed to shutting down their 3G systems by December 2023.  Most companies will focus on strengthening their 4G and 5G networks. This gives users ample time to switch their digital devices to either 4G or 5G networks.

The Cost of 5G

5G mobile plans are currently more expensive than their 4G alternatives. The earliest adopters will continue to pay more for their 5G plans. In most of Europe, operator strategies have now been built around 5G. The cost of providing 5G connectivity makes it hard for mobile operators to drive their costs low enough to make 5G as tempting for their users.

Operators are spending large amounts of money to put in place 5G connectivity, which means they have to pass down the cost to their customers. Price-sensitive customers are bound not to take up any 5G devices yet. Undoubtedly 5G will make using the internet much faster and more efficient.

Will 5G Continue to Grow in 2023?

In the past decades, the internet has grown from just a few websites to running our day-to-day things. Experts and enthusiasts have made efforts to build a more extensive network that encompasses billions of users. We now have more connected technology and appliances, and with 5G, the internet is set to become a more significant industry. The IoT is an industry that is forecasted to be worth trillions by the end of the decade. For this revolution to be successful and more robust, 5G is essential.

5G Continue to Expand Across the UK

Undoubtedly 5G will continue to grow in 2023 as we all want to test this innovation. 5G promises low latency, which means high internet speeds. We can stream movies and play online games effortlessly, and online shopping will become effortless. However, some suggest that a well-developed and the most innovative 5G technology will only come into play by 2025.

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