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Zoopla crowns house in Reading as the UK’s most festive home

Zoopla crowns house

A house in Reading (location in the UK) has been crowned this Christmas by Zoopla crowns house as the UK’s Most Festive Home.

With dazzling white outdoor Christmas decorations, an arrangement of six white Christmas trees of varying sizes, and a Christmas scene set of elves and snowman figures, South-east resident Joanna has decked out the exterior of her house and the front garden celebrating her love for Christmas.

The team at the property platform Zoopla ran a competition to find the UK’s most Christmassy home with the nation putting up Christmas trees more than normal during the period.

Zoopla was searching for a house from the rooftops that tells a big ‘Christmas’ and gives you that cozy holiday feeling when you see it:’ We’re looking for homes covered with fairy lights, tinsel, and baubles. Santa-covered houses, snowflakes and sparkles.’

Reading’s Joanna was announced as the winner, and she was not only given the title of UK’s Most Festive House but also received a £ 500 homeware voucher.

“Outside, I often hear screams of excitement, and it’s not just kids, but adults, too,” Joanna says. ‘I like to believe that my show gives viewers an opportunity to ignore everything that’s going on and for a moment just enjoy a little magic.

‘Sometimes people tell me to say thank you, and some of them give me photos of their children smiling happily in front of the door. Recently, one woman left a comment under a photo that I shared on a local Facebook page and it really made my day.

One of the messages sent by Joanna said: ‘Today we were just popping by. Your home really gives joy to so many people. Thank you taking the trouble to do this. It means so much, especially now that we can’t do much else.’