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5 Best Selling Games for Windows Till 2021

Best Selling Games

It’s 2021, and 2022 is about to start. The first PC game was released in 1971, and now 50 years are almost finished, but some games are still being played.

Gamers cannot live without those games. Even I cannot live without some games that I played in my childhood. The question is, are they famous now? Are their copies sold these days? Several questions arise in my mind, and I am here to answer.

Today on Technicians Now, we are going to list the 5 best selling games till 2021. In this list, some games are old while some are new. After reading this study, you will analyze and see what game is best for you.

I will not reveal the list of these games, but I will explain them one by one. So the first name is:


Minecraft is a sandbox video game ranked on the first spot of the best-selling games of all time. When a gamer sees its gameplay for the first time, he will never believe that this game ranks number 1 in the world, but that’s true.

Its gameplay seems illogical for viewers, but people who play this game like it more than every other game. In Minecraft, the characters are fat, and their look isn’t eye-catchy. But playing this game adds more fun, and you people play Minecraft for more than 24 hours.

Do you think it is possible to play a game for 24 hours? After playing the Minecraft game for the first time, you’ll start believing this. So Minecraft comes on the first spot of the best-selling games till 2021.


GTA is the famous open-world gaming series that caught the entire gaming industry. Its first part, GTA 1, had no graphics. After that, GTA 2 was released. Still, the Rockstar Studio didn’t found success. But later, they released GTA 3, and that game became successful.

GTA 3 had eye-catchy graphics with an amazing open-world story. Rockstar added missions, killings, and several other features, and that’s where the gamers started taking this game seriously. After earning huge fame in GTA 3, they released another game whose graphics were never seen in other games released in 2002.

In 2002, GTA Vice City was launched, and players had never experienced such outstanding graphics. In those days, GTA Vice City was one of the best-selling games of all time, and it won numerous awards.

That’s where the Rockstar Studio became famous, and after that, every game of the GTA series became popular. Now Rockstar owns 1 game that is sold a lot. Its name is GTA 5, and the graphics of GTA 5 also shocked the entire gaming industry.

GTA 5 was a huge game, and it became difficult for standard laptops to run this game because its system requirements were higher. For that, gamers switched their profiles to gaming laptops. You can find gaming laptops on Bigeno. That website lists the best laptops for GTA 5 and several other games.

GTA 5 was released in 2013, and in those days, there was no concept of graphics cards like RTX 20 and RTX 30 series. Still, this game had a lot of graphics that are found in RTX-supported games.

Players loved this game and made it capable of ranking on the 2nd spot of the world’s best-selling games of all time. Within 24 hours, Rockstar was able to earn $815 million, and that’s not a small number.

Still, GTA 5 is played a lot even after 8 years of its release. Still, it is sold everywhere, and every new gamer wants to play this game because of its interesting storyline and characters.

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Tetris is a puzzle game developed by EA Mobile, and EA Studio is famous for releasing Need For Speed games. EA stands for Electronic Arts, and it has numerous games in different categories. Battlefield, Cricket, and Need For Speed are the best examples.

But Tetris is also a product of EA Sports, and its famous games are nowhere to be found when it comes to selling. Tetris isn’t even released for PC, but still, it has captured the market by attaining the 3rd spot. Tetris is a puzzle game released for Android, PlayStation, Windows Phone, and iOS. This game is also featured in tournaments, and the prize pool of this game is also high.

If you want to learn tactical stuff while playing games, Tetris is the best option. With this game, you cannot only train your mind, but you can also make a career because several tournaments are held for this game.

There are different modes and stages that you’ve to clear to learn this game. You’ll enjoy this game because more than 5 million players have enjoyed playing it.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports is the 4th best-selling game of all time. This game has even more power to attract a gamer because it is only available for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo users purchased all its copies.

If a game is sold only in one console and still capturing the 4th number, something is interesting. This was the first cricket game released in 2006, and 16 years are about to pass. Numerous developers are failed to send it to any other spot.

You’ll enjoy playing this game on Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo’s playing angle is slightly different than PC, PlayStation, and XBOX consoles. So you’ve to understand the playstyle of Nintendo. After that, you can enjoy the game.


When we elaborate PUBG, it stands for Player’s Unknown Battleground, and it’s the number 1 selling game till 2021. It was released in 2017, and in just 4 years, it has captured the gaming market. If we compare these 4 years with other games, it’s the number selling game because it sold numerous copes in just 4 years, so that’s why I call this game the number 1 selling product, but it’s ranked 5th.

It was first released for Android, and to download this game on Android, you can visit ATOZ APK, where you will find this game for sure. When the developer of PUBG succeeded in finding positive reviews, he then released this game on PC and Microsoft Windows.

According to Wikipedia, 7 million copies are sold by its developer till now. Even though PUBG was not a brand like Rockstar and Electronic Arts, it still succeeded in capturing the 5th spot, which says a lot.


So these are the 5 best-selling games till 2021, and each game has a different style. I’ve mentioned the games of different consoles because I don’t want to disappoint the gamers that have different consoles. If you have any queries, ask in our website’s comments section. We actively respond to comments, and we will answer your query.

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